I think that the emotion love is upsetting his balance, is this possible and what do I do apart from being patient?

 I think that the emotion love is upsetting  his balance, is this possible and what do I do apart from being patient?

Let me begin by saying your question isn’t as simple as a cut and dry yes or no. I feel that it takes some explaining. And even with the explaining, no two people are alike. So, without knowing him I can’t say yes or no. But I will give you some guidance.

How much do you know about Bipolar. Are you aware that no matter what the emotion we tend to feel it on a much different scale? I mean yes we can just be mad or sad or happy, but when a true emotion hits us, something powerful, something with real feeling behind it, we feel it on a much different end of the spectrum than most people. We are quite emotional people. That is part of what keeps us off balance. Whether we are angry or sad, happy or in love. I’m not saying that means we would love someone more than they would love us. I’m just saying that it affects us differently. Just like the anger or sadness affects us differently.  I’m not sure of your mitigating circumstances, as to why you would ask this question so I cant begin to answer it properly. All I can tell you is we do feel emotions deeper and on a much higher level than most people no matter what that emotion is and it affects us differently than it would the average person so we might behave differently than you would expect.

For example, when I find someone that I really love or care about I generally start trying to sabotage the relationship because I figure something is going to go wrong anyway best that I go ahead and get it over with, or they are going to leave me eventually anyway better to get the hurt out of the way before I get in too deep…. Or something along those lines…. (I told you it doesn’t make since.) Right now, I haven’t even dated in over 5 yrs because I divorced my husband 5 yrs ago the end of this month, and the love I felt for him was so strong it changed me. It changed me so deeply that I can’t move past it and get on with my life to let someone else in. I don’t want him back either. That hurt is still there, but I can’t let go of how I feel. MY heart feels to much. I told you we feel things on a much grander spectrum than most.

As for your man, the only advice I can give you is patience. My preacher tells us often, patience is something God wants us to have with him, because he doesn’t work on Christian’s time, He works on his time. I suppose Bipolar is much the same way. Bipolar doesn’t work on our time, It works on its on time.

Sorry if this wasn’t much of a help, I’m sure it wasn’t much of what you wanted to hear. I’m still working on patience myself. It definitely isn’t a virtue I was blessed with. Luckily it is something we can learn over time, and practice makes perfect as they say. I know its hard to be patient with a bipolar person. I have a bipolar daughter. But we are worth it, because standing in the light of love from a bipolar person, there is nothing like it. The way my daughter looks at me…… I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and the way I feel about my ex-husband, I would trade a lifetime, to have someone feel that way about me.

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  1. I agree that people with bipolar do feel any given emotion on a much more deeper level than people without mental illness. For myself i find that the level of intensity of my emotions can be very high. When I am happy I am super happy, but when I am depressed I am 100x’s sadder than the average person. The other thing that is very difficult is the drastic mood swings/changes that we can experience at the drop of a hat. When this occurs it can catch us off guard and become very overwhelming. I think that is why we can appear unstable to those people who do not understand the effects that bipolar has on us. If more people can learn about bipolar and the way it effects our everyday lives perhaps they could empathize with us a little more. Vicky…….

  2. One thing I’d look at is whether it is the love itself that may be causing imbalance, or other things related to love.

    For instance, might he be afraid that you are going to leave? Might he be worried about commitment given his bipolar disorder?

    Often love can cause stressors that aren’t really love itself (and stress is a trigger for bipolar disorder). The nice thing when that is the case is that you can often remove the stressor without moving the love.

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