I want to be a little bit more to the hypomania side and get some of my creative ability back.

I am bipolar on 2 antidepressants and 1 mood stabilizer and one antipsychotic. These meds make me dull and unable to really enjoy life. I want to be a little bit more to the hypomania side and get some of my creative ability back. My meds are Cymbalta, wellbutrin, lamictal and seroquel. Which should I wean to feel better? I know it’s not a professional answer but an opinion.

It seems like so many have issues with Lamictal, I myself have not experienced that. Have you spoke with your Pdoc about it? (I know, dumb question … but I promise I have a reason) Oh let’s just come right out with the reason … my PDoc actually strives for me to be slightly hypomanic. Not a TON, but enough to keep me productive.

I don’t really know much about cymbalta or seroquel … so I’m not really sure if those would have zombie-like side effects.

I myself am having a very rough time right now, not so much with dullness, more with impending depression. So my doc upped a couple of my meds temporarily to get me back on track. (So far not so good, but I may or may not have missed taking ALL my meds one recent Saturday. BAD IDEA!)

Anyhow … he also made a point to comment on my sleeping habits. He made it very clear … get just the right amount. Too much will only make you more tired and too little can leave you exhausted and throw you into a spiral downward (which is where I am at right now. A whole summer of hypomania and no sleep finally caught up with me).

As for the creativity portion. I totally get you there. I write. When I have writers block its like my whole world has stopped.

There are a few things you can do to reboot the creativity program in your brain.

Exercise. I like to run. When you run or do any kind of heavy cardio work out, you clear your mind. And while doing so you make room for ideas. New ideas. Plus your adrenaline gets pumping and that gets your mind running again. Takes away the dullness.

Take a long hot shower. I get my best ideas while sitting in the shower. I pretend I’m sitting under a rain fall (cuz I’m weird like that) and suddenly I’m being slapped with an idea waterfall. I swear I need bath tub crayons!

I’m not sure if you are a writer/artist/singer/etc., but there is always something you can do to ignite your creative juices. As a writer, when I run into writers block, I start watching movies in the genre that I write. If you’re an artist, go to your favorite place and take in the scenery. Peruse a local art museum. Or just surf the web for paintings, etc. If you’re a singer, go Karaoke! I promise … you’ll get inspired!

Another thing that I’ve always found helpful is having a creative buddy. (Yay buddy system!) But you don’t start bouncing ideas for your work off them, you start offering them ideas for their work. It takes the pressure off you and then the next thing you know, you can’t stop the flow of creativity!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, though meds do contribute to our dull/funk like states, there are always ways to get around that. Fight the dull … don’t let it take over who you are. And if it gets so severe that you can’t seem to find who you are anymore, then definitely talk to the doc and get a med change. But be very honest with him/her. Tell them you are stuck in a state of blah. Tell them you don’t feel like you. A good Pdoc will listen and help you find a better med combo to keep you stable while at the same time preventing you from becoming meh.

I hope this helped. If you have more questions let me know. Or if you need a creative buddy … I’m here!

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  1. The creativity issue can be a HUGE probably, especially for those whose employment is directly related to the creativity. I have a grandson who is struggling with meds for the same reason. Finding the precise combination and dosage of medication is very important, but it may be even more important to evaluate life stressors because they directly affect the dynamic as well. The comments about sleep are very important because the imbalance of sleep seems to create imbalance elsewhere.
    Finding the “boundary” between creative genius and “flatness” seems to be like a quest for the Holy Grail for so many and needs to be addressed more frequently in the research. Your letter is very helpful to others struggling with the same problem.

  2. I have gone through this a few times – it’s like I build up a tolerance to whatever I’m taking or my illness is getting worse. Getting off the seraquel really helped me, it seemed to make me tired all the time. But talk to your doc, and don’t make any sudden med changes, you have to taper off or you’ll end up in the nervous hospital.

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