I’ll take Random Questions for 500 Alex!

…. oh come on … Jeopardy … Alex Trebeck … No? Sigh….

It’s been a long month so far. Even if it’s just started. Funny how that works.

So the end of the year is drawing near. Which MEANS!!! The holiday season will be over and we can all sit back and relax. *tosses confetti* All we have to do is make it Twenty more days and then we can welcome in a brand new year!

I’d have to say that New Years is probably my favorite Holiday. It signifies the beginning of a new year. A fresh start. A clean slate! Everything reboots on January 1st. What’s not to love about that. And this year, with the coming of some very large changes to my life, I’m looking forward to my fresh start. I’m making plans and resolutions and all sorts of unattainable goals.

And don’t forget the champagne and midnight kisses!

So my question is (you thought it’d never come didn’t you!!), with the holiday season and 2010 coming to an end, do you find yourself anticipating the new year? Are you ready to start over and have the best year of your life? Do you make resolutions? Am I asking too many questions? 🙂

Tell me what you think. Cuz possibly, just possibly, I’m the only New Years junkie out there! (Come on…prove me wrong!)

2 thoughts on “I’ll take Random Questions for 500 Alex!

  1. No, you aren’t the only New Year’s junkie out there. I try to make small goals to start with and then move forward. This 2010 year has completely sucked and I am looking forward to a year with less stress, a child more balanced and under control, and my husband hopefully being able to go back to work.

  2. Hmmm…? Where do I start? I’m Probably going to get lot’s of BOO’S on this but New Year’s is about the only holiday I get any kind of excited about. Well Thanksgiving is ok. But Christmas? Everything about it depresses me. I can’t stand the complete commercialism that has taken over Christmas, i mean really does all the Christmas crap have to be put out before Halloween is even over? I know, I know..Bah Humbug…well sorry, it’s just how I feel.
    I’m glad 2010 is just about over…tough year for me mental & physical health wise, I can only hope and pray 2011 will be a better year…….yeah it just has to be…….

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