In which I kinda Feel like a Rock Star!

This past week has been amazing. I am through week 1 of an exciting blog tour. An when I hear the word ‘tour’ I totally think of Singers and Bands on tour…so I can’t help it, I feel kinda speshal this week!

At first I was a bit nervous. I mean, what if I had something in my teeth or my breath stunk. Or seriously, what if someone had on the same outfit as me! But then I remembered it was virtual tour (not to be confused with a real estate virtual tour…) and I could basically sit back and my PJ’s and answer question after question and no one would know the difference… crap I just totally admitted to answering my questions in my PJ’s!!! *bangs head on key board*

Soooooo how bout I just go ahead and post the links to this weeks tour!

  • Stop OneMindy’s Writing Life – Wherein I answer the burning question, Team Edward or Team Jacob!? Oh and other such BP related questions.
  • Stop TwoNoKnow Diversity – In which I talk about coming out of the “Bipolar Closet”
  • Stop ThreeMireyah Wolfe – OMG she made this so pretty and professional…and um GREEN! (I kinda like green…)
  • Stop Four MamaBear – I may or may not have blushed after reading her kind words. (I <3 U MamaBear!)
  • Stop FiveCMOM Productions – Where in one of my favorite people in the whole world (and also the mother of my son’s BFF….OMG they are too cute!) interviews me.

So there ya have it kids. With more to come this following week and with one absolutely amazing interview that I can’t wait to share. (Why yes, that does mean you should be sitting on the edge of your seats!)

Thoughts? Questions? Leave your feedback here!