The injustice of an inability to focus!

I WANT to get things up and running again.

I WANT to tell you all about my NAMI trip and all the awesome things I learned.

I WANT to finish my book.

I WANT to take a shower.

I WANT to sleep during the night, not the day.

I WANT to make fabulous meals.

I WANT to clean my house.

I almost called this post, “The injustice of being a slacker.” But really, I’m not slacking. I just have no focus whatsoever. I have a million things to do, but if it entails something more than pointing and clicking or staring at a screen or sleeping when I should be working … nada. I took this BRILLIANT workshop on “Finding Your Motivation” at the convention and you’d think it would have settled into my brain and I’d be all work work work! But no. I’m all, “Ooooh shiny squirrel!” and “Holy balls batman it’s HOT!” and “Let me just update my castles ONE MORE TIME!”

How is that possible?

Why can’t I put all that time and energy into something more productive?

I’m not making any promises … cuz it takes focus to follow through on a promise … however I can definitely tell you I WANT to catch up on all my emails, posts, priorities. And I’m trying, I really am.



I just wrote a whole post!

*tosses confetti*

Go me!

*reality check*

I just wrote a whole post about nothing!


*silent internal scream*

Hopefully tomorrow will come with a greater ability to stay on task. Perhaps I can force myself to get shnitz done. I can do this dammit!

*fist pump*

*head turn*

“Oooh … fuzzy puppy!!!” (See what I mean?)

3 thoughts on “The injustice of an inability to focus!

  1. I must say that I think you wrote all you had to say. I have that same problem with focus and paying attention to details too. I think you did a good job though and to an outsider like me I could understand exactly what you were feeling.

  2. If it helps at all, it’s not just you. Maybe it’s just that it’s 102 degrees outside and not much cooler inside, but I can’t focus either. Maybe it’s that I haven’t been eating properly–who can eat in this heat. Maybe it’s just that it is a cute fuzzy puppy and that’s more interesting than anything I need to do. Maybe we should all just take a vacation somewhere until the brain fuzz clears. Good luck with your plans. Maybe doing just one thing at a time. A blog post about “nothing” is still a blog post and that’s something. And a blog post about what you want to get done, even if it isn’t getting done at the moment, isn’t exactly about nothing. Right?

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