My life has changed so much!

And it’s for the better 🙂

Even with all the (fill in the blank) I have to deal with on a daily basis and how horrible things tend to be overall, I always have certain people in my life I can rely on for Anything.

Seriously, anything — things I never could have imagined. I’ve been able to open up and talk about things I used to deal with myself and a small group of people who don’t have Bipolar.
Now, because of Ask a Bipolar, I have amazing people to vent to or share happy moments and days with, and the best part is that I can be there for others. I’m not sure if I always help, but at least those people know others are thinking about them and trying to help and that helps more than most people understand.

— Just knowing you’re being listened to and heard. —

Many things in my life led me to this website and the people involved even in the smallest ways, but every experience has been positive even when I feel too horrible to realize it at the time.
Because of one website I have::

  • a support group at all hours of the day via Facebook
  • a great group of acquaintances with whom I can speak with and become closer to as time goes on
  • the chance to feel heard and understood
  • the chance to help and share my experiences
  • AND — a couple of the greatest friends I’ve ever come across in my entire life!
That’s just a brief list of 5 — I’m sure I could come up with more, but those reasons are more than enough to show how amazing what people are capable of if they just take the time and try and reach out, wanting to help others.
Everything positive spreads like a (fantastic) virus and this is most definitely a positive place 🙂

~  i  AaB  ~

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