It’s Been a Long Time Since I Asked You! So tell me, can a past failure turn into a new motivation?!

While at the Nami Convention I was able to talk this FANTASTIC workshop on “Keeping Your Motivation” (or something along those lines). It was by far the best of all the workshops/sessions/etc. that I attended. I even got a Monkey!

Not gonna lie, he totally hung from my lamp the rest of the trip!

ANYWAYS … The workshop talked a great deal about ways to keep your motivation rollin’. It mostly pertained to staying motivated to continue spreading mental health awareness, which is awesome, but I took a more personal outlook on it and tried to use the tools I learned to come up with ideas on how to stay motivated for all my day to day tasks. Perhaps there really isn’t anyway to stay motivated to do the laundry … but then again, how bout the anticipation of how good it feels to be completely DONE with all the laundry knowing you will have AT LEAST two days laundry free. Yeah, that’s pretty motivating for me …

One of the key points (and the reason for the monkeys) was that just because something didn’t work before, it doesn’t mean it won’t work now. Everyday life and people evolve. Just because my kids wouldn’t couldn’t help with the dishes two years ago doesn’t mean now that they are 2 years older it might be different.

Sometimes we stop doing things because of the consequences attached during a previous experiences. Stupid example … but hear me out. When I was like 7yrs old or something like that, I would play Nintendo ALL day until eventually I’d end up with blisters on my thumbs. Obviously no one wants blisters, so the urge to spend hours on end trying to beat a fire breathing dragon to save a princess who is clearly going to be in another castle is no longer going to be there. Well the thing is, years have passed and controllers have evolved to the point where blisters are now unlikely. Plus let’s face it … I obviously learned my lesson at that time. So what’s to stop me from trying again? Now I have more than one motivation. Not only am I motivated to find out which freaking castle the damn princess is in, but now I”m motivated to do so WITHOUT blistering my thumbs!

Like I said, I know it’s a ridiculous example … but the fact of the matter is, it’s something we can apply to every aspect of life.

So what if the last time I had a job I ended up having to quit due to a deep depression that settled in right after I started. I can’t let that stop me from trying again. After all, there were factors that led to that depression that no longer pertain to my current life situation. And this time, not only should I focus on starting a new job, but I can now be motivated to not let a depression that is only temporary stop me from keeping that job.

What hasn’t worked for you in the past that maybe it’s time you tried again? What can you use from the past experience to motivate you to push through it this time?

One thought on “It’s Been a Long Time Since I Asked You! So tell me, can a past failure turn into a new motivation?!

  1. Going back to school,I need a major I need to define who I am by deciding what i want to be in life. Im 33 and the only thing I know i can commit to is trying to be happy. I have a personality identity crisis 🙁 eeks. Well Ill try college again,but when itcomes down it, i think about what better life will be after this ones over,i dont mean that in a suicidal depressing manner. I am simply saying I don’t think ill be pressuredto conform to heavens society.

    great post btw!

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