Self Medicating and Denial

Say you are bipolar, and instead of taking medications or getting treatment, you self medicate with street drugs. The person won’t admit any problem but say they have another personality. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, these types of things can happen.  There are many people that self-medicate with street drugs or alcohol, which is what I did for a long time.  Without seeking medical attention and receiving a diagnosis, many people will try different things that will make them feel better, whether its making them happy because they are sad or grounding them because their head is spinning in a whirl of racing thoughts.  Once they find something that makes them feel better, depending on what that substance is, they will use that to calm their stormy path and instead of trying to figure out what the cause of the discontent is, they can become addicted to the substance which can lead to greater problems.

Substance abuse can have many effects on people.  It can change them dramatically both in appearance and personality.  Sometimes people will begin to lie and engage in other behaviors they normally wouldn’t have before.  The individual you mention may either really believe that they have another personality because they act differently or feel differently when not using street drugs, or, they may be saying that to cover up the dramatic changes either due to the bipolar or the street drug use.

Regardless of why the individual is saying they have another personality, it is important that they seek professional help and also stop using street drugs because the street drugs may appear to be helping but can in fact be doing more harm.  While I struggled with substance abuse, I was not able to control my bipolar symptoms and no matter what kind of medication or therapy I had from my psychotherapist, the substances would cancel all of that out.  Once I stopped those and began taking my medication regularly and attending therapy sessions regularly, I began to see a vast improvement and felt so much better.  This individual should absolutely find some professional treatment.  The benefits they would receive from being on a regular treatment plan would make a huge difference in their life.  I know it sure made a huge difference in mine and I could only hope that it would do the same for others.

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