What is the best medication to deal with depression?

The medication for my mania seems to work reasonably well, although not terrifically well, but my the meds I take for depression don’t seem to work to well. I am on Welbutron and Deplin for depression. When I first started the Deplin I felt great for about 3 weeks than I returned to my normal depressed self. I have rapid-cycling Bipolar II, anxiety, and ADD predominantly inattentive.


I apologize in advance, because this probably is not the answer you are looking for. However, it is the best answer I can give.

Medication posts are always so difficult to answer. They are all so similar, yet so different. In the end though, it all boils down to the same question … .

“Can you tell me what medication I should be on?”

And as much as I want to help and offer advice in every way I can, this is just not an answer I feel comfortable, nor knowledgeable enough to go about answering. I’m not a trained psychiatrist. I do not have MD following my name, nor is there a PHD, etc. ONLY someone with that sort of professional training can answer a question of this nature.

Now please do not confuse my answer with trying to be difficult, it is entirely NOT the case. There are actually a slew of reasons why asking your friends/family/support group/etc about which medications you should take and whether or not you should discontinue or change is not a wise idea. And very good reasons at that.

1) Everyone’s body is different. What works for me and/or someone else is NOT necessarily going to work well for you. I know this to be true even in relatives. My son and I share the same DNA, the same illnesses, and many similar symptoms. However, we are on completely different medications. Our PDoc started him off on the same meds, but we had no luck. My son had different reactions and side effects than I did/do.


Mood Stabilizers – Mine gave him a rash, His is bad for my kidneys.

Antidepressants – I tried his years ago, it just never worked for me. He tried mine and then some, yet the one he’s on is the only which has made a difference.

ADHD Meds – Mine cause my son to rapid cycle, and not in a good way. His is not generic and my insurance won’t cover it.

2)Our bodies all have different chemicals that change all the time as we get older. Meds that work great for an adult many times aren’t even recommended/approved for children. And as those children/adults get older, the meds that worked for them 5 to 10 years ago may not work any more and may need to be changed/adjusted.

3)As with my son and I, there are different side effects for each person with each medication. Some can actually be life threatening too!

4)Most people who know you and/or don’t know you, do not know your medical history/family medical history. These records play a HUGE part in what is prescribed to you.

5)Certain medications require blood tests to be done before and after you begin taking them. Only a doctor can order these sorts of tests, and only a doctor knows which ones to order.

6)Medications react with other Medications. Some antibiotics lessen the effect of some birth control, some birth controls lessens the effects of some mood stabilizers and so on and so forth. Unless I were to go to school, study pharmacology, know all the medications you are on and why you are on them, know all your symptoms, etc … (yes even more goes into that) there is no way I would know what would be good for you.

There are many different medications which deal with depression, but the only person who can tell you which one is for YOU is your doctor. And even they will have to do some altering with dosing and changes and such from time to time until they find the one is actually the BEST ONE FOR YOU.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t or can’t do your research. There are many sites that provide detailed information about each medication (warnings, side effects, ect.). You can definitely read up on them and suggest to your doctor which ones you would like to try, however, they and ONLY THEY can prescribe it.

Besides, I can tell you all my stories and reactions to each medication I have ever taken, but that’s not going to help you. None of these stories or reactions are going to be the same for you, or for my son, or for anyone else reading this blog.

That being said, as much as I wish I had a better answer for you, in the end, my answer is this …

If at any time you have ANY questions about medications you are taking or would like to take,

PLEASE consult a trained professional!

(Also, a small thanks to those who opened my eyes regarding this issue. It’s good to have someone looking out for each and everyone of us, and I mean that in the most sincere way possible!)

Thoughts? Questions? Leave your feedback here!