Self Motivation and/or Lack thereof …

I’ve been training for the last 4 weeks (or 12 years, depends on what  you’re counting as training.) for this morning. I’ve practiced and practiced. Spent numerous days pushing myself further than I ever thought I’d go.

This morning I ran my first 5K! (in under 32 minutes! I rock)

So, I trained, I ran, I conquered … so what’s the point right?

85% of the time while I was training, and I’m saying WHILE I was running, I was thinking about ways to back out. Last night, thinking of excuses not to go. THIS MORNING, looking at the rain, had to talk myself OUT of backing out!


Do you ever find yourself having to constantly self motivate for things you already WANT to do? Is is agoraphobia? Is it laziness? Is it fear of the unexpected?

Well I’m glad I did it! I hope I can talk myself into doing another one soon 🙂

Distance 5K
Clock Time 32:21
Chip Time 31:28
Overall Place 2203 / 4894
Gender Place 932 / 2998
Division Place 139 / 475
Age Grade 47%
Total Pace 10:09/M
Tot Div 3265
Tot Gend 2749
Tot Ag 435

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