My dad is bipolar and violent

I’m a sixteen year old girl and my dad is bipolar. He has a small episode almost every day (yelling, insulting, general anger…) and a bad episode about once every month or two (screaming, breaking things, and occasionally taking out his gun and threatening himself or my mom).

Basically I need to know what to do when he gets like this? I have two older brothers, a mom, and friends I turn to for support but it’s so scary, never knowing what he’s going to do.

I’ve tried calling the police when he gets his gun out and threatens himself but my mom always grabs the phone and tells me to never do that, I’m really afraid he’s going to hurt or kill my mom. There’s just no stopping him, he won’t listen if we talk, refuses to get help from a doctor, and won’t see a therapist. I love my mom and brothers with all my heart and it would kill me if he hurt them but I’m always afraid he’s going to, what should I do?

It sounds like things get super scary when your father is like this. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. However, I can relate because I have been like that myself.

First and foremost, is your safety. Are you safe? If not then you need to make a plan to stay safe away from your father including your family.

Do you have a trusted friend, Mom, that you can talk to about this? Your father needs help. Is he medicated and if so then his medical providers need to know about his condition and that he’s acting out.

It sounds like you have tried to talk with him but a man that won’t seek treatment could be more dangerous. Your Mom telling you not to call the police is probably one of fear. She doesn’t want to cause strife by doing that but she needs to let you call. Then maybe, just maybe, he can get the help that he needs.

I would suggest that you and your family find a way to move out. I know there are many things involved in a situation like this: finances, where would you go, and more.

If he continues on like this then he will eventually hurt somebody or himself. He needs to be protected from himself as well.

My suggestions are:

  • Find a way out of the situation for safety reasons
  • Call the police once you are out and make a report
  • Do not tell him where you or your family are going for protection purposes
  • Try to call a national hotline and see if they can help. 1-800-SUICIDE is a good one and maybe they could get through to him.
  • Stay away from period until he gets the help he needs

Now, I understand these things are much easier said than done. But my fear is that he going to hurt somebody further then he will have to live with himself over that.

Please, do what you can for safety reasons and take care of yourself.

One thought on “My dad is bipolar and violent

  1. if in fact your father is threatening you and your mother with a weapon this is a serous matter that should be reported,plain & simple.But in defensive of your father some teenagers will take advantage of the fact they know he was diagnosed with bipolar and just because they don’t get their own way will use this to their advantage.I wish you luck but their are always two sides to a story

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