My first post as an author!!! What do you think you’re good at because you’re bipolar?

What do you think you’re good at because you’re bipolar?


I think the thing I’m best because I’m bi-polar is helping other people… I’m able to put myself in their shoes and talk them through difficult times… I am good at listening to other people and giving the best advice I can, no matter the severity of their problems… Having a mental illness really gives me insight into other peoples problems…

Now, that’s not to say I know what everyone feels like at all times, or what it’s like to go through everything that person is feeling, but I am definetely able to sympathize… And being able to sympathize with people, allows me to open my heart in order to pray with them… Just being with a person in a time of need really helps them, and I am available to do that…

Of course, I also have some artistic skill, like most people with bi-polar… I can write… Well, some things anyways… I used to be really good at creative writing and essays, but since I’m not in school anymore, I gave that up… Now I write in my journal every day, and I write poetry… I mostly write about how I feel or what I’m going through, but I will also write about outside happenings…

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  1. I completely agree that we as Bipolars have been given the gift of empathy (and writing!). Thank you for sharing this. I read this site every day and am so glad that you shared this. I identified with everything that you said. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  2. I agree also completely. I believe I am more empathetic than most people around me. I never knew why…I guess it could have something to do with me being bipolar. But I seem to get on peoples level…feel what they are going through….sort of….understand it maybe….and yes writing, it has always been my escape. When I am writing I can pour my heart out and exress what I am feeling more than I can ever come right out and say what I am feeling.

  3. Love this blog! I’m a bipolar, and one of the things it’s made possible is writing. I’m a better, more creative, more risk-taking writer because of it. It’s also made me a better mom – I don’t feel constrained by the norms, and because I’m so open about the disorder, my moods and my methods of treatment (no longer taking meds but managing through stress reduction and exercise), my sons have no problem talking about their own idiosyncrasies and seem generally more tolerant and open toward others. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

  4. Awesome post Sammi! Just being able to listen to someone and provide them with comfort and help can change someone”s entire day or even help them get a better perspective on things. It’s a wonderful gift you have and that you use it so well to help others! Great job!!!! 🙂

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