My turn My turn

Ok so I know that’s a bit unfair, considering I haven’t been getting your answers up very timely this week, but um…I like asking questions too!

As many of you know, I’ve been a bit busy as I am going through some very life altering changes right now. Though I’ve barely had time to eat regular meals, I have somehow had a few moments now and again to do some thinking. (Which of course occurs while I’m trying to fall asleep) And during these random bouts of deep thought, I’ve been thinking a bit about success and failure.

Those two words have spend a good amount of time defining my life, unfortunately with the latter of the two dominating the majority of it. Still, no matter how much failure I’ve been able to pull off, I’m still driven by success. I MUST succeed, eventually.

And I wondered, although I know it’s hard for us to keep motivated many days, but do you still get the pull towards success? Do you ever feel like you just NEED to do things right? And when you fail, how does that effect you?

2 thoughts on “My turn My turn

  1. Hey Marybeth: thinking about you this week wondering how your interviews went! Hope you have a good week this week and that things settle down for you soon. Hang in there! Shari

  2. Marybeth,
    To answer your question, a big fat YES! I still have major perfectionist tendencies. Although everyone reminds me it’s not necessary to put so much time and effort into everything I do I still try to make everything “perfect” and specific to my standards. I want to not only succeed at everything I do but over exceed. I want to be the very best!!

    Granted though therapy I have learned that when things don’t work out “perfectly” as is the way of the world, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world to (in our very critical eyes) fail. When would we look at someone else in our lives and critique every little thing they don’t get done absolutely perfect? Answer is no one. We don’t hold anyone else to our high standards because deep down we know they are impossible expectations. So why should we beat ourselves up every time we slip and fall just short of our own exceeding high expectations? We shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s hard to cut ourselves some slack but if we do, our lives become a little easier. To succeed we will fail.

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