NAMI Convention 2012 Convention Awesomeness – Part 1 – Suit Case vs. MB

So I know I’ve been MIA (as was the site for a wee bit!) but I’ve had good reasons … apart from the random Castleville moments.

Reason #1

The site was down

Reason #2

I’m leaving for Seattle in FOUR days!!!

Reason #3

I’m slightly stress/anxious/excited/unfocused/hypomanic


I decided as a small consolation prize for our lack of posting I would grace you with an ILLUSTRATED story to start off my NAMI 2012 Convention Madness Awesomeness!!

The Suitcase vs. MB

by MB

Once upon a time there was a girl named MB. She was packing for her plane ride Seattle and trying to decide what to bring …

She crammed all that she could into her suitcase and stared at it’s overflowing contents. “$h!t,” she thought. “How am I going to¬† make this all fit?

So she folded and she rolled and she tucked until everything was in it’s right place. When the suitcase refused to zip … she showed it who was boss!

All was well. Everything was packed and MB was proud of her accomplishment.

Just to make sure she had all her ducks in a row, she read over the baggage check rules, paying close attention to the line that read,

“Bags may only weigh 50lbs.”

Suddenly MB was worried. Would her shoes put her over the 50lbs? She needed to find out but the only thing she found was herself wondering, “How does one weigh their baggage BEFORE they get to the airport???”

It was then that she had her ‘AHA’ moment.

She would use the one and only scale in the house. Her Wii Fit!

Within moments she had toppled to the ground, crushed by the weight of her overstuffed suitcase which was CLEARLY more than 50lbs!

And so came flight day.

I’m happy to report, 5 broken bones later … baggage checked … MB was able to board her flight and head out into the night sky!

(Where she made all the passengers on the plane sign her casts when one strange man began signing with his explosive pen and the plane blew up right before the airport in Seattle where, 3 more broken bones later she still managed to hobble her way to the NAMI Convention.)


See … it had a happy ending.

Meanwhile … I will now go stare at my suitcase and decide which shoes to remove.

More to come.

And hopefully I’ll slip some posts in there too!

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