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Normal Emotions VS Bipolar Emotions

All of us experience emotions. All of us have feelings. It’s just a normal part of being human. It’s very interesting to note the definition of emotions and feelings. They are different but you have one to have the other. I know that doesn’t make much sense does it? I’ll define them in context with each other and I think you’ll understand better what I mean. I promise there will be a point to all of this and not just a vocabulary lesson.

A feeling can be any subjective reaction or state; pleasant/unpleasant, strong/mild, positive/negative ~
that is characterized by an emotional response

An emotion is a very intense feeling, which often
involves a physical and mental response that can
be expressed either internally or externally

Like I said before we all experience feelings and emotions.
That means Bipolar’s and non Bipolar’s alike. These feelings and emotions are a normal part of everyday life. It’s important to always try and remember that each person feels things in a different way. Our feelings are always our own whether another person agrees or not.

As a person with bipolar disorder, I’ve noticed and experienced personally that if I express an emotion or feeling just the least little bit intense because I feel strongly about something…………. People automatically think and say “oh she’s just having a bipolar moment” or “it’s her bipolar”.

It can be extremely frustrating to say the least! I am stable, in treatment and take my medication. That’s not to say that there won’t be mild episodes of mania or depression from time to time, but that does not mean all of my feelings and emotions are all Bipolar related.

I’m allowed to be angry just like anyone else if someone lets say vandalized my car.
I’m allowed to be excited about going to a party just like anyone else.
I’m allowed to feel tired if I’ve worked hard at something all day just like anyone else.
I’m allowed to cry if I feel sad just like anyone else.
I’m allowed to feel happy because I’m having a good day just like anyone else.
I’m allowed to feel proud of myself if I’ve accomplished a goal I set for myself just like anyone else.

The most important thing to understand is that I’m allowed to express my emotions just like anyone else!

I could go on an on but I’m pretty sure you get the point. We as humans have a range of feelings and emotions that is just about limitless.

Please just try to remember the next time your Bipolar mother, sister, friend, neighbor, cousin, teacher, coach, dentist plumber, aunt, mechanic, doctor, accountant, banker, florist, singer, composer, artist, author, wife, husband or favorite movie star expresses a feeling or emotion.


They are allowed to just like anyone else.

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