Our Turn to Ask YOU!!!

Well our anniversary month has drawn to a close. I don’t know about you, but it was a bit overwhelming for me. I’m quite ready for July to be over. Though the month was very kind to me, it still brought with it many emotions I had not expected.

Examples –

Chicago/NAMI Convention

Informative, got to see my awesometastic friend CB, met all sorts of awesome peeps … all around awesome. Still, I was sad to leave, nervous for what was to come and anxious about all sorts of stuff.

Harry Potter (oh just bear with me on this one)

I’d been waiting for years to see this last Harry Potter, and although it was awesome and I saw it twice cuz I’m a dork like that, it was sad. Now I have no more midnight movies to attend with my cousin. It’s the end of an era. I’m not sure that makes me happy at all. Silly I know … but that’s just me 🙂

My Book’s unexpected run in the top rankings of the Kindle Best Sellers lists.

Whereas I’m grateful and thankful for such a good run, it was hard to watch it dwindle away. You kinda get used to seeing those awesome numbers next to your book rankings and you look forward to watching your sales numbers increase, even if they are just on free books. But then it starts to dwindle and it’s super sad. First you take it personally, then you start to lose hope and then you take a deep breath and force yourself to remember that this is how it works and the best thing you can do now is get writing!

School Ending

I’m happy to have a month off … super happy. But I’m also super sad to see my classes end. My writing course has been phenomenal and the professor is going to be hard to top in awesomeness. Plus I enjoyed the conversations with the class and all the laughs. What if my new classes aren’t nearly as cool. OH and what if I failed my final exam!!!

Ok, so those may seem like super petty things and pretty dumb, but it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with them. It’s hard to get all worked up and excited for things and then those things end and you just wish they wouldn’t have.

They are those moments that can’t be replaced. Like your wedding day or the birth of a child. It’s sad when those moments are gone!

So my question for you is, how do you cope with those unexpected moments of loss? When what you’ve been waiting for and looking forward to happens and then ends and you’re left just as you started … that moment where you suddenly feel like Cinderella at midnight and all the magic is gone. What do you do? Do you self talk? Do you look to others for reassurance?

Any words of advice?

2 thoughts on “Our Turn to Ask YOU!!!

  1. I’m not going to lie. I sulk. Big time. I get sad. I feel an emptiness(emptyness) oh, whatever.. you know what I mean. But, the only better thing than the fun stuff you were doing, is the start and beginning of NEW fun stuff…. so I try to find some new things to occupy my time. I also try to keep a project going that is my “go-to” for times like this. Like, scrapbooking. I stop when other things come that keep me busy, but then, when things slow down, I can pick that scrapbook back up where I left off and continue on. So, that helps a little bit. AND, YOU ALWAYS HAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 and you only have a few more weeks before the kiddos go back to school, so enjoy some awesome times with them, some stress free times! 🙂 <3 Partner in Crime!!!

  2. I feel your pain. First the end of july signifies the end of summer break for my girls so it ends the quality time I have been spending with them. So I am going to have to get use to not having them with me during the day all day every day because they will be back in school starting Aug. 10th which is fastly approaching. This is going to be a <<<>>> blow to my routine. And I wont lie, It is going to knock me off my feet and Im gonna land flat on my toosh hard. It is going to take me a long time to get use to it again and I will sulk like christi mentioned and probably slip slightly on the depression side. I will have to find something quickly to keep myself busy which is where you guys are going to come in and my new job as a Author. Plus I can relate to you with your harry potter era because as you know I am a HUGE twilight fanatic and in case you may not know they have just finished filming the last book which they have made into two movies (thank god). The first one will come out this November & the last one will come out next november (why we have to wait a whole year I’ll never understand but not my department so I wont question it) but I already feel the nagging in my gut knowing the final filming has ended. It is over. there will be no more. This is it. We have all we are getting. And although I am super excited for the movies to come out, I am also in dispair because I know it is the end of like you said an era. And I know it is sad to say but when the time comes a part of me will in some way morn the loss. I will have my books however & I will have my movies on video & I will always have my memories. As with any big event in my life, the birth of my girls, the trama of my marriages, the ending of those marriages….those memories are etched in my mind forever and can not be erased and I can rewatch them anytime I want to hit play.

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