It’s my Party and I’ll Cry if I want to! … AKA How does “getting older” affect your moods?

I grow old tomorrow.


That’s a big number.

And my daughter just turned 10.

I’m 3x that. (Look, I can do math)

Needless to say, amongst everything else going on in my life, this getting old thing has really triggered some massive ups and downs for me. Or if we are being more specific, EVERY birthday seems to trigger something in me. High expectations I think.

I mean, I know aging is difficult for everyone, but my question is, do you think it’s worse for us with bipolar?

If so, since we do our best to avoid triggers, does anyone know how I can stop aging? (wishful thinking….)

6 thoughts on “It’s my Party and I’ll Cry if I want to! … AKA How does “getting older” affect your moods?

  1. Happy pre-birthday! When you are something like 38, as I am, you will look back at 30 just as fondly as you now look back at 25. (I don’t say 20, because I never looked back fondly at 20 myself.) It really is just a number, and while younger folks may look at you as old-ish — and you’re not — older people will look at you as a bona fide adult. And to answer your question about whether it’s worse for people with bipolar, all I can tell you is that when I turned 30, I drank an entire bottle of wine by myself, scribbled out a sign that said “THIS IS 30,” stripped down to my mismatched bra and high-waisted panties, and woke my poor husband to take a close-up picture of the sign next to what I thought was my horrid 30-year-old derrier. I was hypomanic at the time, but I know people whose moods are pretty stable who do far worse things on their birthdays. 🙂

  2. Not gonna lie Jenny, this made me feel all sorts of better. As weird as that may sound.

    And I’m totally sure your granny panties were a hot commodity!

    <3 <3 <3 Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one who flips at 30. You rock!

  3. MB – I already described my 30th bday party to you. I was also put on probation at work that day too. Leading up to that day, I was a roller coaster because I thought it really meant that I was an official adult. I also had some major ups and downs because I had always thought that by age 30 I would have kids already. Growing up, I had a plan. All the things I wanted to do, and there were certain things I wanted to do before I was 30. Graduate undergrad. Check. (with two degrees! had to be overachiever) Go to law school-Check. Not live with my parents. Check. Get married and have kids. NO CHECK! Have good job Not so much check. So, I don’t know if being bipolar had me fluctuating, or my own self imposed goals had me fluctuating. In either case, I’m still in my 30th year and I have found AaB and I still have that job and have some awesome cases now, no kids, but I can definitely wait until the time is right! So, I think we all go through our own cycle, bipolar or not. They say that people with bipolar feel emotions more than others, so that might make the moods more dramatic, but I think everyone has them, whether its at 30, 35, 40, 45, 50…….. And hell. We are all as young as our souls. And your soul is young and full of life!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh Dear! Aging doesn’t bother me one bit. I never understood getting all sad and melancholy over 30, 40 or whatever. I am 42 but feel like I am younger inside. Hope you had an awesome day! Hope your day was absolutely awesome! 🙂

  5. It hasn’t affected my mood so much but I require more stupid meds to stay stable! Now, that bothers me but the rest of getting older does not bug me at all. I am crazy!

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