Paying for medication without insurance…


My boyfriend recently lost his job, which actually is more of a blessing than a tragedy, because he was miserable there.  My main concern is, his insurance through his work was covering his medication.

He thinks he can get on his parent’s insurance to keep covered, but I just want to be prepared if that doesn’t work.  I thought I heard somewhere of some government program that covers medication… Did I hear correctly, and if so, would anybody happen to have any information on that?

Thank you so much!


It turns out where you live will greatly affect the coverage you can receive from the government.

Last week, I found out my county has lost so much funding that the Department of Mental Health only takes on people who need case workers and cannot function in everyday life on their own. Now, I am not out in the cold, but I am not feeling very good about the one hour I had to prove I needed help. So… what’s the good(ish) news? Well, the doctor is reviewing my case and I can get a second opinion. The doc sent for my records and will contact me. Also, he suggested I apply for Medicaid, which is government run health program. Even if you do not qualify for Medicaid, chances are you will qualify for a comparable program through the government. There are many routes available. All of them require A TON of paperwork, but will be worth the result. I suggest calling your county’s mental health department and asking what they cover and what they suggest if their on-site capabilities do not cover your boyfriend.

Another idea is having him talk to his doctor about it. Often times they have samples they are willing to share. Their main concern is that the patient stays healthy so they are usually willing to help in any way possible. You could also have him ask his doctor and find out if he can try any of the medications on the $4 generic list. (Most pharmacies have a full list of what’s available. Here is Target’s. You can even get a full 90 day supply for only $10!)

There are also a few companies that help aid in paying for prescriptions. Below are a list of websites you may want to check out.

NAMI also provides a listing of numbers to call for each medication you need assistance with here. It’s worth a shot to check it out 🙂 (Have I mentioned how awesome NAMI is?)

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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