Procrastination and Bipolar

“Is procrastination a Bipolar trait???”

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Is the fact that I put off writing this post until pretty much the last minute at all telling you something?  However, I can’t really speak for anyone but myself in regards to the relationship between bipolar and procrastination.  I certainly tend to procrastinate.  I’ve known others who are bipolar who procrastinate.  Of course, I’ve known plenty of people who don’t have bipolar disorder who procrastinate… so I’m not entirely sure what the link is, if there is one.

Lack of motivation can be one  reason for procrastination and can also be a sign of depression, so if you’re feeling down and this is why you’re not doing today what can be put off until tomorrow, you may want to talk to your doctor about your depression level.  I know I tend to avoid doing a lot of things when I’m depressed, because I just don’t have the energy and because I feel like I won’t do whatever task is at hand well enough to bother doing it.

Now on the other end of the mood swing, when I’m experiencing hypomania, I am up on the go; I can get a lot accomplished but I rush through things and am easily distracted so most of what I do really isn’t done well.  During full-blown mania, I can’t hold a thought long enough to do much of anything.  I start a lot of projects and never finish them at those times, which are thankfully rare for me.

Oh yes, perfectionism tends to be another bipolar trait, from what I’ve experienced in my own life and heard from others.  For me, perfectionism also keeps me from doing things, again because I feel like I won’t do something perfectly so why bother doing it…

I don’t know whether any of this answers your question, but if you’re having trouble with procrastination, I have found it very helpful to stick to a pretty strict routine, regardless of how I’m feeling.  Of course, I don’t follow it to a T every day, but when I do I feel better and tend to procrastinate less and accomplish more.


*** Tiny Note from MB ***

Um, sorry about posting this late. I was going to do it on the day it was done and then I thought, “Nah, I’ll do it tomorrow.” I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of this issue as well 🙂

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