S.A.D. – Its not just a word anymore!

Actually it’s an acronym for something far more complicated.




(Though I prefer to use Shitty Ass Days … same difference …)

Well, for anyone who suffers from S.A.D., you know it’s looming about right now. The days have gotten shorter. The nights grown longer and longer and longer. Suddenly 5:30pm feels like 10pm and it’s light out at 6 in the morning. What the frock!?! Who thought up that crock of monkeys?

After Thanksgiving this past Thursday, I knew I’d been slapped by the SAD witch. She’s evil I tell you. PURE EVIL! Suddenly what was meant to be a happy day full of joy and thankfulness turned into a bottle of wine later and a glass full of lonely tears.

In our minds it’s quite easy to justify this sadness that comes during the winter months. We’re lonely. It’s our first holiday after a loved one passed away. Last time at this year we were at rock bottom and all we can do is dwell on it. We couldn’t make it to a relatives’ get together. We weren’t invited to a get together. Friends live far away …. need I go on?

The lack of sunlight and warmth can do crazy things to us. Crazy I tell ya!!!


We can fight back. Here is a list of little extra things you can do or take to make this holiday season just a little easier!

  1. Light Boxes – Full Spectrum lights that can simulate being in the sun for short periods of time.
  2. Vitamin D – Taking a Vitamin D supplement during the winter months can help replace the Vitamin D we lose during the shorter days.
  3. Fish Oil – Fish Oil is a natural mood stabilizer. I’ve never used it myself because I picked up the bottle and read on the label, “No Fish Burps” after which I choked back the bile and put it back on the shelf. HOWEVER I have been reassured that Fish Oil is great and unless you get stale capsules there are no fish burps. (GAG)
  4. Wear Bright Colors – In the winter, society has come up with this ridiculous idea that we MUST wear dark/fall colors during the winter. Posh to that! I mean really, it’s like, “I feel really shitty so I’m going to go put on a black dress and I’m SURE I’ll cheer up because I’m being trendy.” Um, no! Bring out those lime green tops and Hawaiian shirts! It will also make the people around you a bit happier too!
  5. Exercise – Keep your body¬† moving. Increase those endorphins and instead of getting all depressed after gaining that holiday related 5 lbs, you’ll probably lose weight. And come one, who doesn’t feel good after shedding a few pounds!?!?!

Those are just a few of the things we can do to help us through this difficult season. I also did an interview with a local radio station last year that you can listed to for further information and explanation.

~~~Radio Interview~~~

What about you? How do YOU cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder?

3 thoughts on “S.A.D. – Its not just a word anymore!

  1. Hi Marybeth:
    I live in extreme Northern AZ, and am lucky to be in the one state that does not change to Standard Time in the winter (we just never change, ever). So our daylight hours are the way the universe intended! Of course the days are shorter in winter like everywhere, but not obnoxious, like dark til 8am and sunset at 4 pm. I also live where it is sunny about 320 days/year. THAT’s obnoxious in summer, and I get sort of a reverse SAD–it’s just too much light.

    So, because it’s the holiday season in general that I find upsetting, I am inside a lot (avoiding, yeah, I know)–but if I need that sun, VitD, and a general pick-me-up, I just go outside for a few minutes or for hours.

    Thanks for the post!


  2. I live in Phoenix,AZ – Beth,and I hate the summers here, I hope I can move back to Colorado some day! its just too depressing here, too much light effects my eyes and taking meds, it causes me to be photosensitive to the sun. I miss the seasons!! instead I get hot,hotter,and hotter than hell. At least you live in Northern AZ,where it cools off a bit more.

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