Sammi asks a Question

I know there are plenty of coping skills out there-both positive and negative…  I know with me, I try my best to use positive coping skills, but they don’t always work… Quite often, I rely on negative coping skills to get through my fits of mania or depression… I know that’s not the right thing to do, and I’m trying not to rely on those so much, but it’s quite difficult… So my question for you is-what are your coping skills??? Do you use mostly positive or negative coping skills??? (ok, I know that was a double question, but I’m curious!!!)

3 thoughts on “Sammi asks a Question

  1. Lately my coping skills consist of the following: medication, journaling, blogging, omega 3s, a healthy dose of sunshine daily (if it’s not sunny a 100 watt lightbulb), and a regimented sleep schedule. It’s working for me.

  2. Lately, my coping skills have sucked. Napping shouldn’t be used as a way to cope with depression, but that’s pretty much my main method of dealing with things. Not exactly healthy. I find it’s easier to use positive coping skills when my medication is working right and the trigger isn’t very big. Anything really upsetting or when I’m already in a bad place mentally, and to bed I go. I should be doing all the things Nikki mentioned, but I guess that’s why I’m seeing a therapist now, huh?

  3. hmmm..coping skills? What are those again? Not a good period of time for me right now..negative—-isolate and a bunch of others

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