Shari wants to know … How do you tell your kids?

So now it’s our turn to ask our readers a question. Yes, I know, I know, but we have questions, too! Many of us that have Bipolar Disorder have children of all ages. I know my children have been very curious as to what this disease is all about. And to be honest with you, my children have seen me stable at all times except for the last four and a half months. That’s when they started asking questions about this disease called Bipolar Disorder. And I will say it’s been a big roller coaster and I am very tired of it. I want the stability back that I had going for me for over six years prior to last September.

Children are curious creatures. I think it is very important that they know on a child’s level what is going on with the parent that has the disease. I think transparency is inevitable in a situation like this. Of course, we need to explain things to them at their level and not treat them like adults.

So, in all honesty, how would you tell your children about Bipolar Disorder? What information would you include? Would you use metaphors to explain it? You tell us how you would do this and help us out!

One thought on “Shari wants to know … How do you tell your kids?

  1. This has been a bit easier for me as BOTH me and my son have bipolar disorder, but I’ve really only told them the basics. It’s so hard to put it in simple terms though without sounding demeaning and/or ridiculous. I mean really, I can’t help but feel really dumb trying to explain that “Mommy is sick in the head”, but how else do you put it? It’s and illness of the mind/brain. I’m interested what you guys think.

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