How will you be spending your Valentine’s day?

Whether you are spending your day alone or with a significant other or maybe just with your children it’s still a day worthy of celebration.  So what if you are alone, make it your choice to be alone.  After a very rocky roller coaster ride of a marriage that ended in a chaotic crash of a divorce I made the decision to be alone.  My bipolar caused a lot of problems in my marriage, granted I hadn’t been diagnosed at the time and wasn’t receiving treatment & that wasn’t our only problems, but the point is I couldn’t put myself, my kids or another person thru that again.  So I made the decision that I was better off alone.  Living with bipolar isn’t easy when you’re the one with bipolar, it’s also difficult when you’re the person living with the bipolaree.  We have massive mood swings that take us to both ends of the spectrum and every stop in between and when your living with us all you can do is hang on for the ride.  People with bipolar feel emotions on a whole different level.  Yes, we can have a normal feeling of just plain sadness or just plain happiness.  But the majority of the time when we feel an emotion it is to the extreme.  It is all or nothing.  When we are enraged we can run thru brick walls (figuratively speaking of course).  When we are sad it seems as if our whole world is crumbling.  When we are happy our feet don’t touch the ground.  When we love, you’ll never be loved more by another.

Love is the ultimate gift you can give someone.  If you are lucky enough to be loved by someone with bipolar I promise you, you will never feel a stronger love.  It takes immense understanding, great compassion, patience and a willingness to learn to be able to have a successful life together.  It may be a rocky road at times with many twists and turns, but that is what the love is for.  Because if you truly love someone, then you hold on and work together and see each other thru to the other side.  You can’t see the rainbow without first facing the rain.

After five and a half years of being alone, I have finally met someone who makes me want to try again.  He is kind, understanding, patient and funny.  He knows about my bipolar.  He accepts me just the way I am.  Is he too good to be true?  Time will tell.  But I’m willing to bet my heart on it.  All or nothing….

So where will you be spending your Valentine’s Day? With your significant other, alone or maybe with your children.  I know where I’ll be.

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  1. Awesome article. Well thought out, insightful and very helpful to put things into perspective in a clear way.


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