A Success Story

A Success Story

I’d like to tell you the story of a young woman I’ve has the honor and privilege of knowing for quite a few years. I’ve chosen to keep her identity anonymous out of respect for her privacy.

She is a single mother of a young child under the age of five and receives no help what so ever from the father of her child. She also just happens to attend one of the most prestigious private Universities on the west coast. This school is extremely difficult to gain admission to and it has produced Nobel Prize Recipients, world-renowned physicians, researchers and scholars.

Now you may be thinking, so… there are plenty of single mothers who have done so, and many more who will continue to do so. What’s so special about this young woman?

I will tell you what’s so special about her…. she has Bipolar Disorder.

As many of you who also have Bipolar Disorder, you know what a devastating and debilitating mental illness can be. It can rob you of your self-respect, self-esteem, ability to function, quality of life, happiness and well being, and for some their life by suicide.

I am in no way saying this young lady is better than anyone else with Bipolar Disorder. She struggles daily and doubts herself often, just as the rest of us do. When she has these doubts and gut wrenching fears her and myself, as well as other friends, remind her over and over that she can get back in the ring and fight for her dreams. Believe me it can take a whole lot of talking, reassurance and convincing, but she finds the courage and strength to keep moving forward.

It is so important that these stories of courage and strength of persons with a mental illness be he heard by society and the world! I believe it is just one of the many ways to erase the very ugly stigma that people with a mental illness cannot be productive successful members of society and contribute to making the world a better place for all of us.

Please join me in commending this extraordinary young woman and the many so much like her that refuse to let mental illness deter them in their quest for a meaningful and successful life!

4 thoughts on “A Success Story

  1. Loved this post! I get tired of so much negativity related to Bipolar disorder. As a newly diagnosed, who has coped with this illness for twenty years. I commend this young woman. Congratulations for fighting through fears and realizing mental illness be damned, I CAN DO THIS! You deserve more praise than I can ever deliver. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. I’m 39yrs old and never excepted or worked on my bipolar for a long period of time. Now I’m paying for it big time, my life has become unmanageable, I lived make believe land, my job is only place I feel normal, and the way I am is not!
    Was told at a younger age this day would happen! I really thought and believe I had it under control! Today I know I don’t, very scared, dissapointed on my life!
    I have let things go so far, I don’t know where to staet

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this story I was diagnosed when I was 13 I have been on medication ever since and I am now 34 it’s hard sometimes when you do things that everyone else can you feel guilty because you read stories that are truly heartbreaking many bipolars don’t get that chance to succeed or told they can succeed I have my bachelors degree in criminal justice I also work in a group home with six preteen girls it is a level 12 they are on many of the same medications that I am on but I do not indulge that I am bipolar it is hard because sometimes things happen and I looking at their lives which are similar to mine but I cannot tell them due to the fact that I could lose my job it’s hard to be successful with bipolar and even though every day is hard I get up and I still live my life it’s a day-to-day basis some days are extremely painful both physically and of course mentally I have parents that I am grateful for help me out but some people don’t it’s a guilty feeling but also a Ray of hope

  4. This woman is such an inspiration. As someone
    Who has bipolar….to do what she is doing with
    This mental illness – I can promise you she is one of the strongest people you will ever meet.

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