Surviving The Sinking Ship

Even though Marybeth and I are the admins on this site, we are not invincible from the effects that our bipolar disorder has on us.  We still have our ups and downs and at times struggle with them, just as everyone else who has bipolar does.  Speaking for myself, I know that its much easier for me to dispense advice on pulling out of a depressive cycle than it is for me to actually use my own advice and get out of my funk.  Has that happened to you?  Friends ask you for advice and you give them the same advice you should be listening to but yet you don’t?

I was reading an article in BP Magazine discussing a few tips on pulling yourself out of the funk before you are sunk.  That really got me to thinking about all the different posts I have written and how many posts I have commented on in our Facebook forums that I have given suggestions or words of encouragement to those who are struggling in their depressive cycle and how much of that advice I have used myself while I have been in my current downswing.  I think the total came somewhere close to approximately ZERO.  It is so much easier to be the preacher than to practice what you preach I guess.

So, what do I do now?  I’m stuck in this funk and DESPERATELY need to get out.  How am I going to do this?  Well, if I think about it logically, what do I usually suggest to others?  I should probably start there.  I usually suggest:

  • listening to one of my special “get out of the funk” playlists packed with songs that individual is sure to love and will want to get up and dance to.
  • going out with a friend for a few hours to get out of the house and change the scenery.  Sometimes some quality BFF time can do wonders to boost the mood.
  • find something that you enjoy doing (a craft, reading a book, getting your nails done) and go do it!  A distraction is the perfect thing to get someone out of a funk for a little bit and hopefully the “feel-good” feeling will last a little longer than the initial activity.
  • Do NOT isolate.  Try to be around people or communicating with people to stay in touch with reality and not allowing yourself to sit alone and keep the wheels turning in the negative directions in your head.

So, logically, I should make my own playlist to jam to, get out of the house and socialize with friends, work on things like scrapbooking and catching up on my reading, and answer my phone (meaning returning phone calls and text messages) to stay in touch with the positive things in life.  Easier said than done, that’s for sure.

Maybe I need a new perspective.  Maybe you guys have suggestions that are better than the things I believe are effective in surviving the sinking ship into depression.  I want to hear from you all.

What are the things that you do to pull yourself out of your depression?

4 thoughts on “Surviving The Sinking Ship

  1. Oh Christi…. It’s as if you snuck in my yea and wrote what happens to me..
    I wish I had a magic wand and could get you up dancing around your room and feeling like a million bucks
    But the truth is only you can 🙁 I usually go through a few days of hell and am then lucky enough to have a friend come drag me LI of my
    House ( is there anyone who can do that ? ) and I usually start to flip my cycle soon after that.. It’s just what works for me it won’t work for everyone but I pray it works for you!!! 🙂 you know we Love you Chriti and you have fans throughout the country that are rooting for you ( some in Pink totos on unicorns throwing glitter over you) xoxo

  2. Christi,You are absolutely right.All the measures practiced by you are absolutely fine till they can distract you from these episodes.our right brain is a parallel processor while the left brain is a serial processor.While the left brain thinks lineally, the right things holistically. The left brain understands the presents, past and future (the reason why we feel miserable). The right brain, on the contrary connects us with this whole universe as a speck in the omnipotent universal consciousness.
    For us (BP), we should stimulate right brain functions through “Praanaayam”, a posture of yoga. David schnoff neuro-psychiastrist in sandigo university, had been working on the benefits of left nostril breathing treating mental ailments such as BP.
    Always try to remain in the present and many of your cycles would go away.

  3. Just this past weekend I caught myself starting to sink. I think that half the battle is knowing when you are about to sink,so you can prepare yourself. But the other half is letting go of trying to control every scenario that is triggering your depression. The more we try to control our bad thoughts,the more bad thoughts seem to come. Its important to know that the depression will pass,so how we handle it is more important than trying to just get rid of it or ignore it and pretend it doesnt exist. If you get bad service at a restaurant,you can get up and start yelling at the manager,or you can speak in a polite manner to the manager. the same with depression,you can treat it by freaking out,or you can move through your depression by talking to yourself politely,that doesnt mean it will dissappear,but now you can look at it with the possibility that each time you are depressed,you might be able to go through with less chaos. peer support and being proactive in seeking self motivation has helped me the most.

  4. When depression strikes I try to remember that depression is a lot like the weather. It can be really dark and scary, but the sun will always come out. The scariest thing for me is the fear that the depression will never lift. Telling myself every day that things will change and I will feel better is a better coping mechanism than any other for me. I will say it over and over and over. Finally, one minute it is true. I feel better. Good luck to you!

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