Things to be Thankful for … courtesy of Amy!

So I definitely agree with Jon — ‘what a year.’

I’m not so sure if we both mean it in the same way, but a lot has happened this year … many ups and downs and all-arounds but, here I am and I’m proud to say I have a list of things for which to be grateful!

I have a thing for the number seven. Not a clue why, but I always have.
So, today I’m going to list 7 THINGS I’M THANKFUL FOR::

  • 1) both strength and struggles in life
    • I have gone through some major hardships, as have some friends I know … a few are going through them right now, and I’m constantly amazed at the strength people have when they think they have none left. And they can’t even see it in themselves. People are capable of so much, and if it wasn’t for the struggles, we wouldn’t need our strength — they go hand in hand and I appreciate them both. I can even see the strength in myself if I look really closely, and that makes me insanely thankful because I’ve hit rock bottom so many times from so many different things that I thought I *might* not have any strength left. But I do, and that’s just awesome!
  • 2) family — and this includes friends
    • I believe you choose your family. Of course you have your blood relations, and may be close to many, or all, of them. I have a small family to begin with and I don’t speak to all of them. The ones I do have mean the world to me, and I include my close friends in this group in my heart. If I didn’t have them, I’m not sure how I’d survive…
  • 3) people who speak their mind
    • Never underestimate the power of your voice. I adore when people simply are who they are and tell it like it is. I love honesty and the basics. Sure, it can hurt at times, but it’s also always so helpful — if one is constructive about what’s said. I think it’s fabulous I have friends and family who are close enough and trust me enough to tell me the truth and help me in the process. I could go into detail to explain better, but I’d end up writing a novel, so I think this will have to suffice.
  • 4) my house/my job/my life
    • I’m going through a *really* rough time, but you know what — I’m alive, I have a job I love (even if I don’t have the health really to do it :P), and I have a roof over my head with good food on the table. Need I say more?
  • 5) my phone — mostly because of my camera
    • This one may seem kind of, well, silly, but I am obsessed with taking pictures. I take pics of my kid, things she makes, a pretty tree or flower, the clouds — anything and everything. One thing I love to take pictures of is things at stores, which drives my guy nuts, but it’s like shopping for later. I take the picture and then look at it when I’m at home to decide if I really want it. I’ve only had my new phone about a month — maybe six weeks — and I already have approximately 600 pictures on it! Yeah, that’s how much I love pictures. I document everything in my life visually and ‘on paper.’ Just a thing I have…
  • 6) online support and blogs
    • These have gotten me through some hard times. Having others in the same situation(s) is invaluable. Non-partial parties to talk to or just comment at, not expecting a response. It’s a release and a way to know you’re not alone. Plus, I’ve learned so much from all the resources there are, it’s crazy! I can only hope my new site does the same for others eventually.
  • 7) smarties, marshmallows, and ice cream
    • Not much more to say other than I’m addicted to all three of these things. They must be in my house at all times. I was upset all night because I finished the last bag of marshmallows yesterday morning and didn’t know it. By the time I discovered it, there were tornado warnings and heavy rains and I wasn’t about to go out in that, considering my windshield wipers don’t work. But I still had my smarties and ice cream 🙂

So, this holiday season, I’m just happy to be happy with what I have. And I’m happy to be able to share it with you all!

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