It’s Time To Celebrate….. Again!!!!!!

Yes, that’s right folks. Here at Ask A Bipolar we try to find as many reasons to celebrate as we can.  So when July approaches, we decide to not only celebrate the day of, but THE ENTIRE MONTH, that marks the anniversary of the launch of the Ask A Bipolar website.

This year we are celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of this amazing site.  Two years ago, after her son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, our founder  Marybeth Smith took the plunge and decided to execute her brilliant idea to create a website that would reach out to not just individuals who have bipolar disorder, but to their friends and family as well.  She got together with a 15-year old girl who also had bipolar and the idea of Ask A Bipolar was to be able to relate to individuals of all ages who have bipolar disorder and help them through their struggles while also providing advice and support to their friends and loved ones through those same struggles.

Now, here we are, two years later and the website is still going strong, along with a Facebook page and Facebook group, all with the same goal in mind while reaching out to a much larger population than we were on day 1.  We have a FANTASTICAL team of authors and an AMAZEBALLS community made up of people like you who read our posts and submit questions to us.  Without you guys, we wouldn’t be celebrating our second year and wouldn’t be full speed ahead into our third year!!!

This past year we accomplished some great things, including the release of our very first book!!!!  We also had some great interviews with Andy Behrman and Shelby Tweten, and hopefully will get to do  some more exciting things this coming year!

So lets celebrate folks!!!!!  The whole month of July is Anniversary Month!  Cheers to an awesome year for Ask A Bipolar and Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!  May this coming year be even better than the last!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for more details on exciting anniversary events to come!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Celebrate….. Again!!!!!!

  1. I LOVE ASK A BIPOLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS ALL. 🙂

    OH and one more thing to all my buddies……………MUCH LOVE!!!,JULES

  2. Thanks!We live roughly for 25000 days in our life as per David j.schwartz ph.d.I am also a bipolar since my teens and have remained on medication.18th july is my birthday and shall celebrate the entire month for the bipolar people.Thanks for the magazine.

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