***UPDATED*** TODAY….we CELEBRATE AaBers!!!!!!

Why??  What is the cause for today’s big celebration?  Well folks, if it wasn’t for a magical event that happened ******31!!!  I MEAN 31!!!!!!!! 32 years ago today, we might not all be joined together on this very website.  There may not have been an Ask A Bipolar website, or Facebook group, or Facebook page, or unofficial doggy mascot. There might not have been two girls from different states in the Midwest being silly together at a NAMI Convention to make sure Ask A Bipolar left their mark.  We may not have gotten all of this immensely valuable information about bipolar disorder, or have been connected with amazing people experiencing the same trials and tribulations we ourselves face daily while receiving words of encouragement or feelings of commradarie.  All of this my friends may not have existed.

BUT……..  IT DOES……. and that is why we celebrate today.  Today is the birthday of the one, the only, the big kahuna, the awesomesauce and amazeballs founder….. MARYBETH SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think sometimes we all take for granted how much Ask A Bipolar really impacts our lives.  With the amount of information on the internet and the accessibility of it, we often don’t realize how much information we do get just from signing on and reading a post on Ask A Bipolar, or from commenting and reading a few threads on the Facebook page or in the Facebook group.  We are connected with people all over the world and joining together to let each other know that we are not alone in what we are feeling.  We are educating others about this illness and what it’s like to have it.  People who don’t have it are looking to us for guidance in understanding and helping their loved ones.  And the best part….. WE PROVIDE THEM THE ANSWERS!!!  We provide that support and information and give them hope that things can get better.

Sure, we could go online and find out any of the facts about bipolar disorder that we want, but the truth is, this site gives us so much more than any of those other sites could.  It gives us the ability to connect with others who are in the same boat.

Think about this.  If you did not have Ask A Bipolar (whichever capacity you use it, whether its the website or Facebook or both), where would you go for your information or for your support?  If you sign on to the internet or to Facebook, how many of those times are related to Ask A Bipolar posts or posts from people you MET through Ask A Bipolar?  What would things be like if you had not found Ask A Bipolar?  What would things be like if you didn’t have Ask A Bipolar anymore??????

I think that Marybeth is an absolutely amazing woman (she is blushing right now, I know it!).  She has bipolar disorder, is raising 3 children (under ages 11, one of which has bipolar disorder also), going to school, pursuing her writing career by writing her SEQUEL (yup, she already has the first one out there.. Fall Girl, go buy it. Its awesome!), AND running this site!!!!  As her partner, I have been slacking a bit lately due to my own personal issues, but she has even picked up MY slack.  She believed that there was a need for a website like this and has dedicated her time to making this site a reality.  With all those other things, I don’t know how she finds the extra time, but she does.  I am here to say that I am so very grateful to her for making the time to start and build this site because it has gotten me through so many crazy times and times I thought there was no hope at all.

Today, on her birthday, I want my partner, and my long distance BFF to know that I love her to pieces and she has inspired me on so many levels and in so many things.  If it wasn’t for her website, and her taking a chance on me (because I had no professional writing or blogging experience, just my own amateur blog), I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have and I never would have gotten to meet the people I did.

Marybeth, you have touched the lives of so many people, not just me.  My family has also been touched by you and your family (and everytime my mom sees a gnome, she either hands me the page in the magazine or sends me the picture she took in the store to forward to you!).  I hope that today, instead of looking at this birthday as “Oh crap, I’m another year older and it kinda sucks,” you look and see what you have accomplished, who you have touched, and you look at the road ahead and think of all the ways you can continue that.  Because THAT is who you are and what you were born to do.  Your birthday should be a day to celebrate what you were born to do, which is…..

BEING AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   *throws insane amounts of glitter while running around the room in a party hat*


4 thoughts on “***UPDATED*** TODAY….we CELEBRATE AaBers!!!!!!

  1. Awwwww, okay thanks Christi for that!,im holding back the tears now!, I agree whole heatedly with every word! Marybeth, You dont even have to think twice before knowing how grateful I am for Ask A Bipolar,thank you for all you have done,and thanks to everyone who has contributed to making it work!

    Much Love-always,Jules

  2. All sorts of blushing and tearing up going on over hear. Thank you love. It’s amazing to know much one little site can do for so many! Here’s to many more!!!

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