Transitions…. How do you feel about them?

Personally, I am not a big fan of them at all.  I recently was discharged after a 10 day stay at a hospital and the transition from hospital life to the real world life is always difficult in my book.  In the hospital, everything is regimented and on a set schedule; meals are always at a certain time, medications are distributed at a certain time, lights out at a certain time.  Then you are set free to a life with very little regiment.  You can set alarms for the times you are to take your medications, but there is no person standing there with all of the correct ones waiting for you at a specific time and another person making sure you are in the medications line.  You make the choice to get up and go to work that day (if you are back working) or if you are going to call in sick.  There is no one nagging you to be at the next group, threatening to take privileges away if you miss the group.  You can go to sleep whenever you want, wake up whenever you want, there are no more needles pricking you at 5 am for a blood test or someone barging in at 5:45am to take your vitals.  I know that at times its hard to force myself to get up and do things and take my meds on time and make sure to eat 3 meals.

How do you guys adjust to these changes and transitions?  Do you guys find it hard to make the transition or is it easy for you?  What things do you guys have in place to assure the the transition goes smoothly and you don’t relapse right away???

4 thoughts on “Transitions…. How do you feel about them?

  1. First off,Im so proud of you for going!!

    transition sucks!!! no matter what transition it is. But when i left the hospital after over 3 in a half months,I was happy yet scared. try to think of it as you are turning into a butterfly,it might take awhile but it will be worth it,and you will fly again.

  2. I find it helpful to keep to roughly the same medication schedule as I had in the hospital. This way I know I have to be up at a specific time, eat at least one meal a day at a specific time, and try to go to bed at a reasonable hour so I can wake up at the right time in the morning.

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