Updates can be fun … right? (There’s a question attached at least!)

Ok well not ALL updates. Today’s update is really rather boring. It’s just to let you know that I’ve got the plague (ok, well it FEELS like the plague) and will not be answering today’s post until tomorrow…and tomorrows post until Thursday and Friday’s post on Saturday. (Which means no asking questions for me. Boooo…)


This is my website isn’t it? I’ve just decided to ask a question today instead. Kinda like flipping today and Saturday around. Yay me!


When you have the plague are ill, how does that affect your mood? Does it even your mood out because you are too ill to think about it? Or does it bring you down because you feel so horrible physically? (I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it probably doesn’t boost anyone up … but that’s just a guess mind you.)

For me, this time at least, I think its kept me more even. I’ve pretty much been laid up in bed for the past two days, which has pretty much given me no time to think about anything. (This may or may not be because I’ve been watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager marathons for two days … Holy Train Wreck Batman … but I just can’t stop watching it! eh hem…cough cough cough… as I was saying)

So . You . The plague Being sick. How goes it for you?

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