Take A Vacation Doc?????

“Don’t give me pills, I have pills,” says Bob Wiley

“This isn’t pills, read it,” says Dr. Leo Marvin

“Take a vacation from your problems, ” read Bob.

~What About Bob~

Dr. Leo Marvin had the right idea.  I think that sometimes we let our problems/disorders totally consume us and let them eat us alive. We begin to forget who we are, what we like, what we love, who we love, and, well, the list is endless.  In my opinion we often forget that we are the ones who are supposed to be defining ourselves and NOT letting this nasty Bipolar beast define us.

Take a vacation from your problems.  It sure sounds easy, but if we were really instructed to do so, could we?  Could we for one day stop thinking about the reason we are taking our meds ( NOT STOP TAKING OUR MEDS, but just take them and not think about the REASON we take them?)  Could we make it through a day without having an up or down that we resent so much that we curse out our bipolar?  What about those of us that are not working, and on disability or social security because of our bipolar?  Could we just forget for a little while that the reason we are not working is because we are unable to work thanks to the lovely bipolar beast and instead think of it as taking a vacation and having time off from “a job?”   How about putting away all of our books that deal with bipolar disorder for a few days and pulling out some books on other hobbies we used to love and enjoy, and immerse ourselves in those.

It might even mean that we have to take a vacation from something that we love very dearly, but the time required for it and the amount of work involved is creating a stress that is overwhelming and is triggering symptoms that are starting to cause your downfall.

Whatever the case is, I think Dr. Leo Marvin is on the right track.  Maybe we ALL need to take a few days vacation from our problems.  Maybe forcing ourselves to forget our problems and focus on the aspects of our life that are not affected by the problems and that bring us (or brought us) some joy, can help bring that same joy back into our life and keep it there more consistently, even when the bipolar beast comes creeping back.

As the month of October approaches, let’s all take a few days to take a vacation from our problems.  Let’s put them all aside for a few days (as much as we can) and try to reconnect with the pieces of us that we enjoy most or the person we used to be before we discovered we had this illness.  We can begin the month of October refreshed, revived, and rejuvinated.

WHO’S WITH ME??!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Take A Vacation Doc?????

  1. I’ve decided to try to take a vacation from guilt and perfectionism for awhile. I know they’ll still be there when I come back. I remind myself of this by writing in my journal. October is a good month for something like this, it’s transitional.

    I’m with you, but it’s hard to give up obsessions which I love dearly, even temporaily.

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