We ask a Question…Holidays…

With the holidays around the corner, I must admit, my anxiety levels are up a bit. The holidays have always been a rough time of the year for me. Juggling all the family functions, picking out the perfect presents for people, affording to by presents, not getting to spend time with everyone I want to…

The list super goes on.

So what about you? Do the holidays affect your moods?

3 thoughts on “We ask a Question…Holidays…

  1. Yes, the holidays affect my moods. Mostly because my family isn’t close to me physically or emotionaly and that hurts. The only consistant support I have is my Mom and my dogs and other pets so, I usually spend the holidays with them. I know it is sad but I have come to accept this and while I would love to spend the holidays with family I know I can not as it is just too hard emotionally for me.

  2. I think that is what is hard for me too. Being the youngest in a large family I had a hard time adjusting to my siblings having families of their own and not being able to be at our families events. Now that I’m older with a family of my own I understand better, but it’s still hard when I’m not able to see everyone as many of them live in different states.

  3. Personally, I hate this time of year. Christmas is stressful, especially since I can’t afford to buy anyone anything. The only good part is how much fun my son has. I spend a lot of time with my family anyway, and my husband’s family too, since we all live near each other, so it’s not like we need the holidays as an excuse to get together. Thanksgiving is fine, but I think that’s because it doesn’t cost me anything except time. I don’t buy food; I just help cook.

    Is it January yet?

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