We Ask a Question…Trust issues

Ok, now I know everyone has trust issues to some extent. Especially with bipolar and our awesome inevitable lack of self esteem. But I’m not really talking about trust issues with other people.

***Personal Question Alert***

Do you ever feel like you can’t trust yourself? Almost like you can’t trust your own feelings or emotions, not to mention decision making capabilities, because you don’t know if they’re really YOURS? Like maybe you wouldn’t really think/say/feel/do those things if you weren’t bipolar and/or manic and/or depressed?

3 thoughts on “We Ask a Question…Trust issues

  1. Absolutely! I was actually thinking about this last night. I almost have to second-guess every thought and feeling I’m having to make sure it actually makes sense rather than just being a product of my f-ed up brain chemistry. Sometimes, most of the time actually, I have a logical thought that leads to an appropriate feeling, and everything’s good. But the rest of the time, I have feelings that pop up from nowhere, and in my brain’s effort to make them make sense it comes up with any thought it can that might lead to that feeling, whether or not it makes sense or is even really my thought in the first place. Hope that made sense, but the short version is, yes, I have a hard time trusting myself.

  2. My 9 year old son recently shared that he is scared of his own power while in a rage. I don’t think he trusts that he can be safe and it is very scary to him.

  3. I am very shaky about my decision making. The what-if’s drive me bonkers…did I make the right choice? Did I screw things up?
    This blog is great and courageous, btw!

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