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  1. I cant decide. The physical is so overwhelming. It puts me in bed. It actually makes me sick. I am sick for days, unable to eat, sometimes throwing up, migraines, stomach aches, body aches and sometimes just an all over icky feeling. Then again the emotional can be just as devistating. It is so mentally draining. I am so blah, unable to think, unable to put two and two together, unable to listen to anything, unable to retain information, unable to get out of bed (i say this here too because if i am not mentally with it i can not bring myself to motivate), moody towards everyone around me, and other things….so i cant decide which is worse, they are both equally devistating to me.

  2. I’ll have to agree with Angel-they- the physical system are just as devastating as the emotional symptoms… I have had physical symptoms (what they called psychosymatic…) that have actually put me in a wheelchair!!! And I went through this phase where I stuttered a lot… However, as bad as these symptoms mey be, I’ve also had just as bad emotional symptoms… The emotional symptoms have actually led me to attempt suicide (more times than once…) and cut myself on a regular basis… I also blame my eating disorder on the emotional symptoms of BP…

  3. As I’ve mentioned before, my mania is worse than my depression. But from what I’ve experienced of depression, I would have to say the emotional side effects were worse. I have not (to my knowledge) experienced any physical side effects of depression, so this is a question that is a little out of my scope. I wish I could offer more insight, but my hypomania is so pronounced that it does not allow depression to usually come out…

  4. I’m still getting used to all these new terms, I was diagnosed as Bipolar about two weeks ago so this is all new to me. Depression does hurt. My friends notice it. My foster parents notice it. It’s kinda hard to ignore. I don’t want to be by myself, I’m afraid to be by myself when I’m in such a low place. It’s been 4 days since the last time I hurt myself. A failed suicide attempt is what put me in foster care and now I’m getting the help I need. Sometimes I wish my brain was “normal”/

  5. First, to Hayden, I’m so glad you are getting the help you need!

    I guess for me, at times they can both be just as painful. I have a chronic spine issue that can flare up & cause a lot of pain. When I’m fairly stable; not depressed and/or manic, & a “flare up” comes, it tends to bring on some depression. If the pain isn’t managed well & escalates the depression gets worse.
    On the other hand, the emotional pain I feel can be torture, I can feel so tormented that I begin to feel physical pain: headaches, stomach upset etc.., so for me I think the emotional & physical pain can often overlap each other & go hand in hand.

  6. Apparently, I was hypomanic for years with minor depression. Recently, I had 2 severe depressive episodes that lasted 3 months each. No brushing teeth, in bed , thinking about suicide. I have to say that it is the physical that is worse for me. Not getting up. Feeling like I can’t function. Stuck in bed or on the couch. Not doing anything that I enjoy.

    But, I’ve learned from my own behavior and the book Bipolar In Order. That we all have a choice how we can react to the feelings of depression. I noticed that even though I was bed bound, I would get up and take care of my 7 year old. I could be crying, but go and pick my child up from school.
    I was making a choice. And, with work we all can be depressed, but choose to act differently. We can have the feelings, but choose to continue with our lives. It’s not easy. And, you have to begin in a stable place. But, Bipolar should be called a condition-Tom Wootton. A condition that doesn’t have to hold us back. I hope this is making sense.

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