We Ask Question

(OMG they are so going to kill me for putting this up!!! I <3 these girls!)

It’s been a trying week to say the least. One of those weeks where you feel like it’s just never going to get better and you might as well surrender to the mess that is your life.

However, I refuse to surrender. I know no matter how bad it gets, it will get better. (Then worse, then better again, then worse, then…I’m not really a huge fan of roller coasters, but I am on one perpetual roller coaster ride when it comes to life)

There have been a few things that have propelled me forward this week. Things to look forward to.

As silly as it sounds, Season Premier week really kept my spirits up. I’m a fool for certain TV shows and after not having watched them for a few months, I was more than happy to have them all back in my life like a group of long lost friends!

Speaking of long lost friends, the other thing that has kept me going all week is a trip I have planned for this weekend to see my BFF’s. I only get to see them about every other month, so when I do it’s like Christmas! (I like Christmas!) Just knowing that I have a break ahead of me and I get to spend it with some of my favorite people brings me sanity.

So…after rambling on for more than I should have…I come to my question.

What propels you forward when life just seems to be made up of Epic Suck?

3 thoughts on “We Ask Question

  1. Sometimes it seems there are few things that propel me forward anymore; I wonder sometimes why I still try. I think of my family most of the time to keep me going, especially my little nephews and niece. The thought of their smiling faces and their contagious laughter sometimes helps pull me from the darkness. I just have to hope that that is enough.

  2. Life seems to be made of Epic Suck for me too, right now. It’s these devastating events that perpetually bring those of us with bipolar disorder down (or way up!)

    In order to maintain balance, I have been reading over my treatment records and mood charts from three years ago as I prepare a my next response to a reader question.

    This exercise has really grounded me and allowed me to see how far I have come and will how much farther I can still go. It’s our own actions and reactions that will determine if we get to move forward or not and I choose to move on (kinda).

    Yay for good friends!!

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