We ask the Question – Holiday Edition

I know Marybeth recently posted a question about the holidays, and asked whether or not they are stressful for you, but I have another question concerning holidays-but more than just the ones up coming!!!

What holiday is your favorite and easiest to get through??? There are so many different holidays, for so many different religions, I’m just curious… How do you make it through this holiday??? What makes it so good???

Ok, I know this is multiple questions in one, but they all go together… And I’d like to get a few tips on how to get through each holiday!!!

So tell me-what is your favorite holiday and why???

God bless!!!

2 thoughts on “We ask the Question – Holiday Edition

  1. To be honest, no holiday is good. I don’t have family except my daughters and I won’t be seeing them this holiday. (car off road-they’re 3 hours away) so I am DREADING this Christmas. I am already so depressed I can’t function. So who knows what I’ll be like on the actual day. This isnt’ my first holiday alone either so I know just how brutal it’s going to be. To me, holidays = heartache,…

  2. Christmas is by far my favorite and typically least stressful. Second would be Easter.

    I plan all year for Christmas so when it arrives I’m more than ready. The extensive planning allows for less stress and unexpected happenings. Although I willingly moved away from my family as they were all co-dependent upon me and it was way too stressful I like seeing them for those few hours on Christmas. I mostly adore my three nephews and one niece all under the age of four. Children never have stressed me out. The oldest nephew was in my care for 2 years and his brothers for nearly a year as well so I have a strong connection to them and miss them year round. Christmas Eve I adore the candle light service. It always puts me at peace and if I’m lucky my husband will go with me. 🙂

    On Easter again there’s church which I really enjoy. Beyond my faith I’ve begun doing annual Easter egg hunts for the kids. I started this after my oldest nephew’s first hunt in a public place. He wasn’t aggressive enough to get one egg even though we were in a small town and there were no more than thirty kids his age participating that day. I’m able to put out enough eggs all the kids in my family and close friends can fill their baskets. Also we do the resurrection eggs as well. Children who do not have a Bible get one on this day. It’s very special to me.

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