We interupt this regular posting…

For an open thread. I’m super not feeling well today and cannot concentrate on anything long enough to say something intelligent.

So … what do you want to talk about today? Don’t be shy!

And for anyone who is having a bad day…this always cheers me up! (Why yes, I am aware that I am strange!)

5 thoughts on “We interupt this regular posting…

  1. I just wanted to tell you how much your post from Sunday about succeeding through a mental health issue impacted me. I wrote my post today and linked to it. It inspired me and made me think about how we can all use it to our advantage instead of lamenting how it has hindered us. Why not spin it in a more positive light? Thank you for the inspiration, as always!


  2. I hope u feel better soon! I love the bunny pic. that sorta thing cheers me up too/my oldest daughter! I’ll have to show it to her. *hugs*

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