We interupt this regularly scheduled post …

Because our author seems to be missing. I’m just praying everything is ok!

So it’s up to me to find something interesting while also educational to speak about. As it’s been quite a rough week, this is harder than it sounds. Yet at the same time not. If I’m pulling from my experiences this past week, I suppose there are many topics I can breech ranging from Mania, to Depression, to Impending Meltdowns, to children who are too smart and manipulative for their own good. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to come up with a way to tie them all into one.

UNLEESSSSS I point out the inevitable answer most likely the cause of it all.


No, not SAD as in depressed that my chocolate got stolen SAD, but instead SAD, as in Seasonal Affective Disorder. As I’ve mentioned before, (I think) Bipolar Disorder is the buy one get 5 free illness. No one I have ever met has JUST had BP. Neither do my son or I. Though our diagnosis are pretty much the same…

BP with a touch of anxiety. Served with a side of ADHD and for desert SAD! (PDog’s even comes with an extra order of ODD, lucky dog!)

I have to say that one of my LEAST favorite diagnoses is SAD. Every year around this time my life finds some way to turn upside down. I can almost remember each year too.

1998 – First Year my family wasn’t together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. SAD took over and upped the ante and I found myself locked in my bathroom refusing to eat Thanksgiving Dinner because I was too busy crying.

1999 – After reuniting with my HHS (High School Sweetheart) I became aware that all his friends (who were also my good friends and may or may not have had a thing for me…long story) hated me and I pretty much broke down. This was the year my mother decided it was time to get me help.

2000 – HSS who is now ex walks back into my life after a terrible parting of ways and throws my relationship with the husband for a roller coaster ride. He and I broke up about 5 times in the next 6 months after. It was a mess.

2001 – Just got married, baby had colic, marriage was a mess, I had postpartum, I sat in the bathroom with a bottle of sleeping pills…

2002 – Just had another baby, husband and I were separated, I became heavy drinker and a mess

2003 – 2006 Can’t remember….but I’m good with that…

2007 – Lost house, lost friends, lost credit, was poor, drove myself to the PHospital. AWESOME year! (I’m pretty sure you can sense the sarcasm there)

2008 – Long story…won’t get into that one, more mania, more depression, more lost friends.

2009 – PDog having TONS of problems in school, hate my new house, overwhelmed with life…sat in closet crying BUT…I pulled out of it after a trip to the doctor and some med adjustments. (YAY ME)

2010 – Sigh…over extended, overwhelmed, over eating, over stimulated, over spending, over anxious, over stressed, under prepared. BUT I’m holding it together somehow.

12 years of the same pattern. 12 years of falling apart every fall. 9 years completely not understanding what was going on. And 3 years doing my best to hold it together knowing that this too shall pass. (Though that’s easier said than done) I do thank God every year though that I am now aware of the situation. I can now talk to my family and friends about it and ask for their help and support!

So how about you? Is there a certain time of year that triggers your mania and/or depression? Do you suffer from SAD?

2 thoughts on “We interupt this regularly scheduled post …

  1. I don’t think it’s in my formal diagnosis. But, if it even rains several days in a row, my mood is likely to change. So, I’m happy to live in Texas where our winters aren’t long. I use a light box. Unless I’m so depressed, I don’t even want to or don’t have the energy to use it.

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