Just a wee little announcement …

Ok scratch that, it may be we little to some…but it’s freaking huge to me!!!

So I wrote a book.

Then I edited that book.

And now I have published the book.

And I think you should read said book … over and over and over!

(you should buy it!)

Ebook Price: $9.99 USD

You can also preview it by scrolling down to here and choosing a sample version

In short, without trying to sound all professional and OMG this is perfect for the Jacket cover … here’s what it’s about …

Annabelle has a massively shitty day. First she’s accused by the family therapist that she resents her brother, Blake, for being bipolar, then her boyfriend dumps her … via text! … only to come home to find out that Blake just lost his scholarship to MSU and was kicked off the track team. Instinctively, she decided to help him get it all back. Not only will doing so prove to the therapist that she does not in fact resent Blake, but she’ll also be doing it all for him, since it obviously has nothing to do with her. But the more information he hides from her, the less she feels like bailing him out of what is probably the 5 millionth disaster he’s made. She’s about to back out and let him clean up his own shit when she finds out, that because he’ll no longer be attending MSU, her dad accepted a job across state and they will be moving at the end of the school year.

Senior year without her best friends? Before she can patch things up with her ex who is beyond pissed at her? Away from everything that’s familiar?

Annabelle is not going to let that happen. She’s going to find out what Blake did and reverse the consequences. He’ll earn that scholarship back if it’s the last thing she does! Because if she doesn’t, she will resent Blake for the rest of her life, and there is no way she is going to prove the family therapist right. Not a chance in hell.

All she has to do is get past an angry ex, his attractive best friend (who suddenly has a thing for her), and decide whether or not it’s worth breaking the law to change her dad’s mind. Because if she can’t, it’s hello new high school and goodbye senior year with the two friends who’ve kept her sane through all her family’s drama. The problem is, she’s not so sure wants to keep cleaning up his messes, and if she fixes this disaster, she may never be free of being his designated fall girl.

4 thoughts on “Just a wee little announcement …

  1. Congrats – Is it available for the Kindle? If not will it be in the future as it looks like something my daughter would enjoy and that is what she reads on.

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