If ADHD stimulants work for some of my child’s symptoms, do you think that she could still be bipolar?

I know you all are not professionals, but I was wondering what you thought about ADHD stimulants-if they work for some of my child”s symptoms do you think that she could still be bipolar?.


When we first started to notice that PDog was having problems, our first thoughts were ADHD. Both me and his father have it, and of course we didn’t want to suggest bipolar since he was only 4 (though I did suspect) It took us three years to get a diagnosis of ADHD and ODD. He was put on stimulants (Adderal) At first things seemed a tiny bit better, but soon he was having HUGE mood swings. The highs were super high and the lows were dangerously low.

Our therapist gave me a book called, “Is my Child Bipolar”. My husband and I read it and everything just came together. Pdog had at least 80% of the symptoms that we could see, and it explained the rapid severe cycling from the Adderal.

Though I pretty much always knew this was the case, it was at this point that my husband and I decided we needed someone who specialized in children. Someone who wouldn’t be afraid to say what we knew was already out there.

I would suggest checking out the book above from the library or purchasing it. I would also suggest speaking with a PDoc about your concerns. I’m not sure what her symptoms are, but they could be due to a number of things and not necessarily bipolar. Is it possible that it is bipolar? Sure…but only a professional would be able to tell you that.

Research…lots…then step back and say, “Does this make sense?” and if it does, seek medical advice, but from a PDoc, not a pediatrician.You need to work with someone who is very familiar with this illness and also has experience working with children.

Best of luck to you. Don’t hesitate to ask or contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. I know how difficult the battle toward a diagnosis can be, and we are here to make it easier on you by lending our support and guidance.

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