What happens when I don’t like my PDoc or the answers they give me?

What happens when I don’t like my PDoc or the answers they give me?


This question has come up quite a bit within the conversations I’ve had with close friends and/or fellow bipolarees. Frustrations over not getting the answers they need or not clicking with the doctors or just straight out feeling like they want a second opinion. I’m pretty sure it happens to all of us at one point or time.

Though I adore our current PDoc, I have to admit … I’ve had some some slightly questionable (as in how the heck did you get a med degree) doctors in the past. I think it’s safe to say I’ve been through all of the above situations.

Story One –

Fresh out of the hospital Princess MB is forced to start seeing a county paid PDoc since she no longer has insurance. As required, she spends two sessions in therapy with the worlds BEST therapist (totally miss that guy…boo to moving!) and is ok’d to get a med evaluation. YAY

Yeah, not so Yay. My previous doc had suggested I try lamictal once I was with a doc who could monitor it. New PDoc … let’s call him Doctor Lackofbedsidemanner … reviewed my situation with me. I told him I had trouble taking meds twice a day, but was doing my best to mend that problem. Dr. Lackofbedsidemanner actually said to me (or something like this), “Why would I give you this medicine when you can’t even remember to take the ones you have. I don’t think you’ll be able to handle it!” (And yes, please feel free to add a cocky tone and weird nose curling.) By the end of the appointment, his rudeness and completely unsympathetic far from soothing personality, tears were streaming down my face and I almost (key word “almost”) slammed the door on my way out.

Luckily the front desk ladies calmed me down and I pretty much told them I refused to see this guy again. I gave him the pink slip after one appointment (though I really wanted to give him the finger!).

Was I nervous? ABSOLUTELY. I don’t fire people? Everyone has a good side, right? Um HELLOOO I was out of the hospital for like two weeks, I was frocking fragile and unstable. What kind of doctor yells at a patient in that condition?

Story Two –

Princess MB was in search of the perfect Pdoc for Captain PDog. She naively decided to call up the local university because that seemed to be where all the peds pdocs were and make an appointment. She wasn’t thrilled that the majority of these docs were interns, but she wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. So she got in with … let’s call him Dr. SoNOTMcDreamy (similar last name….so NOT the same hair!) So they go to their appointment with Dr. SoNOTMcDreamy and all is going somewhat well. Princess MB was telling him about why she had sought him out and how everyone kept saying it was one thing, but she really thought there was more to it so the Pediatrician suggested she seek out a licensed PDoc.

So what does Dr. SoNOTMcDreamy do? He says, “Well let’s try treating that one thing again first, so we can rule it out for sure.” (Um didn’t She just tell him she was seeing him cuz it was pretty much ruled out!) So the not hot doctor goes and writes him a prescription for some sort of blood pressure/heart disease/or something of the sort medication to try as an “alternative” type med. Princess MB was already leery but at this point, his credibility is hanging by a string. Princess MB and Captain PDog head to the waiting room to await the prescription when the princess over hears Dr. SoNotMcDreamy in the hallway talking to the nurse saying, “Now I’m allowed to write a prescription, right?”

Princess MB grabbed the prescription out of politeness and high tailed her bum out of there, never to return.

Now I’m sure not everyone’s experiences are this crazy, but I’m also sure there are some that are. The thing is, we need to NOT be afraid to tell these doctors they aren’t the right fit for us or for their child. We need to NOT be afraid to seek a second opinion. And we need to NOT be afraid seek out a new PDoc. There are many ways to find new doctors. Don’t let your fears stop you from getting the proper care that you and/or your child needs.

And if EVER anyone needs help finding a good doctor in their area, just let me know. I know of some great sites that actually have patient ratings for the doctors in their area as well as what kind of websites to look on for patient referrals.

Good luck in your search for the proper treatment. Make sure to look out for you and not worry about how the doc might feel. They are working for YOU. You are paying them. You wouldn’t pay top dollar for a bunch of rotten apples would you? How bout mediocre apples with bruises and dents? Just something to think about 🙂

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