What if … ?

Finally coming off my Patty Duke high … but it made me think a bit. This was kinda a huge deal for me. I’d always wanted to meet her.  Her, and Carrie Fisher. (Well, and Sylvia Plath … but I’m gonna have to wait till I get to heaven for that one!)

But Patty Duke and Carrie Fisher are the two bipolar celebrities that I think really started something for all other celebrities not to mention for bringing awareness about Bipolar Disorder. I mean maybe there were others that I don’t remember learning about. But those were the two names I always associated with Famous People who Have Bipolar.

Of course NOW there’s a TON of celebrities coming out of the Bipolar Closet. So today … my question for you is …

If you could meet ANY celebrity who suffers from Mental Illness, who would you choose?

12 thoughts on “What if … ?

  1. In the following order: Jim Carey!!,Robin Williams and Catherine Zeta Jones. that would just be way awesome! Not to mention I’m sure there are celebrities that are bipolar that have not have not spoke about their illness, i would imagine some do not consider sharing their personal life,just like the ones who have cancer,and dont share it,,how do you decide to share your illness without sounding, “hey everybody look at me, im bipolar,so you have to pay attention to me”, a lot of times,when i meet someone new,i wont let my bipolar known,til they get to know me,that way I don’t ever feel like someone might be judging me,or feeling sorry for me,or think i w=just want attn:thhen when i bring it up at the right time,I will follow through with finding out how they feel and tell em about bipolar,or try to atleast.

  2. That being said, Im getting involved with more people who already have it,so thats always a total comfort zone. These celebrites are really amazing. what about music Marybeth? what musicans would you like to meet,or would’ve met(if deceased)?

  3. Wow IDK … Maybe Sting … or Demi Lovato? There really aren’t nearly as many musicians as writers and actors/actresses. Though Pete Wentz would be cool too.

  4. I would definitely have to say Robin Williams would be on my wish list. Jim carry would be another but honestly it would be an honor and just amazing to talk to any of them to talk about their experiences and see how they made the extremely difficult decision to live their desease so publicly.

  5. Mine isn’t a Hollywood celebrity, but I would absolutely want to meet Marya Hornbacher in person. We almost got a chance to after we interviewed her, and I was soooooo bummed. But, after that, I would want to meet Robert Downey, Jr. and find out if he does or does not have bipolar. In some interviews its been said that he has it, and then says that he doesn’t. But, I love his acting (and sooooo loved him on Ally McBeal).

    Another writer, I would love to meet Patricia Cornwell. I didn’t know until recently that she is said to have bipolar, but I don’t think she has spoken out about it. I have read all of her book (until the most recent 1 or 2) and I love love love her Scarpetta series. Its almost like Bones, except instead of a forensic anthropologist, her main character is a chief medical examiner. I would love to meet her. Sure, Pete Wentz would be cool to meet (or interview) and Ben Stiller would be kinda cool.

    I think its time to revise the list of people we try to score interviews with then! 🙂 *erases chalkboard, writes down #1*

  6. I’m not sure if she’d count as a celebrity, but I’d really like to meet Kay Redfield Jamison. She wrote the book “An Unquiet Mind”, which I guess makes her sort of a celebrity.

    In terms of actual celebrities, I think it would have to be Margaret Trudeau. She’s our former first lady, and she’s become a very important person in Canadian mental health awareness.

  7. Oh, and I forgot to mention: Robin Williams and Jim Carrey aren’t bipolar, or at least they’ve never said so publicly. They just do a good job of acting manically.

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