What’s the funniest thing you have done or heard of someone doing when they were manic?

What’s the funniest thing you have done or heard of someone doing when they were manic?

We recruited multiple answers for this one. I’ll keep them anonymous as not to embarrass anyone, but here they are …

After my last son was born, I grew my hair out to about the middle of my back (for six years). I was really set on having very long hair.

One day, in a manic fit, I went into the barber shop where my kids got their hair cut and said “cut 6 inches off.” They said, “Are you sure?” I said yes. They cut off 6 inches and I went home and cried in the shower for about an hour over the stupid impulse that had undone at least two years of growth.

After I had it cut to about shoulder length, I decided it would be fun (and a way to make it better) to try to bleach it blonde. My best friend was somewhat knowledgeable in beauty matters and we went to the store and got what we believed would be a good kit to get my dark brown hair to blonde. It ended up orange. Back to the store we went (hat on my head) and picked up an even blonder kit.

I ended up with hair that can only be described as yellow. I do not have the guts to share a picture with you and I have tried to get rid of all the pictures that were taken of me with yellow hair (for which I do NOT have the complexion!) When I finally came down from my manic high, I went to a good hairdresser and had her dye my hair back to my natural color.

Needless to say, I have NEVER done anything like that to my hair again. It was truly hideous. If you think this is the best story and insist, I will try to find you a truly ugly picture of me with bleached yellow hair.


When i worked with adolescents in a hospital psychiatric unit:  We were returning from a group walk on a hot summer day when a 16 yr. old female patient who was manic saw a water sprinkler on a lawn and ran into it.  She began to belt out “singing in the rain” while frolicking in the sprinkler.  To our surprise while do so she began to peel off her clothes!  The other patients began laughing and egged her on.  It was hard for us staff members to not bust out laughing also.  We were able to physically remove her from the sprinkler before she had stripped naked.  We returned back to the psychiatric unit without further incident.


I was obsessed with the show girls next door and one night after taking my ambien I got on the computer and submitted an application to be a bunny at the playboy club in Vegas.  they had just opened it.  i didn’t find out what I had done until I received an email saying that they were doing auditions where I lived and they would like to set up a time for an audition to be on their website as a cybergirl or in their magazine.

I then frantically looked at my sent mail and discovered what i had done. Between the hallucinations and that incident, i demanded to be taken off ambien.
My first full blown mania, I, of course, was hospitalized. I was put in a small general care hospital. I may have been their first full blown mania patient. They took offense that I crawled in bed with an old gentleman – looked just like my bed! And, did you know that the gift shop’s jewelry were really diamonds! Then there was the one about 5 mafia cars following me everywhere. Finally, I rode around in a taxi all day – just going no where in particular. That jig was up when the cabbie called the credit card company, and can you imagine, they called my husband. You are not supposed to remembered happenings in your mania, but, I did! I didn’t want to miss a thing. We bp’s have to try to maintain a sense of humor, right?

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  1. I’m not embarrassed. The hair was me! Looking back, I can’t begin to imagine how I could go in and just say chop off two years of growth. And the bleaching thing was just awful. It took a long time for me to grow out my natural color again!

  2. I got it in my head that, if I could read the complete Finnegan’s Wake out loud fast enough, I would be able to have direct insight into the mysteries of creation. So, I sat in the common room, reading at full volume as fast as I could, so that when I did find those mysteries, people would believe me.

  3. I guess the silliest thing I did while being manic was get a tattoo,but even with that I thought hard a good about it before plunging. Im sure there are things,shopping sprees galore,hypersexual rendezvous,undressing at the mentalhealth hospital, because i was pissed,and hyper-religious things,I just sadly cannot remember any of them being funny. Maybe buying a dozen doughnuts and feeling the need to tell the cashier it was a bad day..? I’m sure there is something funny,just cant remember anything being funny.

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