What’s with the big fear of death?

I don’t understand the fear of death.  I think when a persons usefulness is over and they know it and want out then why not let them.  I know I look forward to my final day and final breath.  Why go on when you are no longer needed or wanted?

What I hear from you here is that maybe you are feeling hopeless. Many people feel they are no longer needed or wanted when that is the case. I am also going to go out on a limb and maybe suggest that you have thought about suicide and maybe these thoughts have crossed your mind.

To tell you the truth many people fear death of possibly not going to heaven. Now, I know many people do not believe in a heaven or a hell and that is fine. I am just stating what my experiences have been as a person talking to those who want to die or are close to death. I really think people fear the unknown if they die.

However, my concern for you is that you are no longer wanting to live. I would suggest that you reach out to someone and ask for help. Now, I realize I could be totally off base here with this question but this is the angle I am going to go with it. When someone uses the terminology of “needed” or “wanted” it makes me think they are feeling hopeless. There are many hotlines you can call and reach out for help. They are:

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800*273*8255
  • 1*800*SUICIDE

These lines can help you work through your feelings and can help you find the help you need in your local area.

I would hope that you reach out to somebody before you make any rash decisions.

My thoughts are with you and please do not hesitate to email me at shari at askabipolar dot com (without the spaces).

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