What’s your least favorite OCD Tendancy?

My lovely (and adorable) husband recently gave up on trying to cure one of his least favorite OCD tendencies of mine. I’ve been deemed incurable … an addict … hopelessly and ridiculously obsessed.

With what you might ask?

TV Series.

Namely previously unwatched TV series.

I start watching these TV series that are like already 5 (or *cough* 9 *cough*) seasonsĀ  in and I have to watch until I’ve watched EVERY single episode. I simply can’t focus on anything else until I do.

And what’s even worse? The are ridiculous TV shows …

Two years ago, it wasn’t so bad. Six seasons of Bones and five seasons of House later … I was hooked. At least four episodes a day.

Then I slipped a notch in the coolness factor. I watched six seasons straight of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

And then it was Greek.

And now … sigh … One Tree Hill (Thanks a lot Christi!!!). I’m falling behind in Bones, House, Grey’s Anatomy, you name it. All because I have nine seasons to complete.

It’s like starting a book and not being able to finish until the end …. except the end is three months away.

What is least favorite OCD Tendancy … even if you don’t have OCD … we all have obsessions … right?

2 thoughts on “What’s your least favorite OCD Tendancy?

  1. Wow, I though I was obsessed with tv shows! I always wanted to see One Tree Hill,but thought it was a teenager show,since my niece who is a teenager was obsessed with it a few years ago. Her mom(my sisternalaw) liked it too,but only because there was hot guys on it. LOL I will have to check it out.I am clueless as to what its even about, a tree on a hill?

    My least favorite OCD,? Hmm There are quite a few to chose from. It would probably be my belief that I HAVE to own a purse(s) that is not black. It makes me feel a bit of a freak at times,when I see peoples reactions. It’s actually very silly,but I just HAVE to have a purse of color,I use to think it was for reasons of superstitions but now I am convinced that it has to do with my depression and the color black being linked to depression. So I love to buy purses that have colors or “personality”. Strange how one little thing can make us feel like we HAVE to have it or else.

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