Why Hello there Technical Difficulties!

I’m not sure why, but for some reason today’s post just isn’t showing up in our cue. I tried arguing with it.

I said “Post, publish on the wall already!”

So it said, “Why don’t you publish on the wall already!”

At which I replied, “If I could publish myself on the wall don’t you think I would have done it a long time ago!”

The post then fricken laughed at me and said, “Excuses excuses…”

“Just get up already!!!” I screamed.

And that little son of a monkey came back with, “That’s what she said.”

At which point I gave up and decided to write a tiny little post about pretty much nothing in attempt to apologize for our technical inadequacy today. We will be back tomorrow with a double posting at which point you will all jump up and down singing our praises!

Oh hey…fun news. I recently joined NAMI and became a volunteer for NAMI MI. I am now the one making content updates to their website. *puffs out chest (or lack there of)* I even got to put a link to us on their site. So despite the fact that PDog decided to throw his desk today … twice … then melt down in front of the therapist, I still have something happy to cling on too!

What was your happy moment today?

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