Will I ever get it under control???

Lately it seems like any little thing could trigger one of my manic episodes and waiting for medication to kick in just isn’t enough. ¬†What can I do in the mean time to try and keep my household happy and not walking on eggshells around me (children) or threatening to walk out the door (boyfriend)?


The first thing I would do is talk with your doctor about ways to make it through those hard moments. The ones that seem to last forever. Your doctor can give you tips and techniques for the times your medication is not helping enough. (Such as broad spectrum lights and or adding Omega 3’s to your diet)

I also suggest sitting down with your family and making sure everyone is aware of what symptoms you have. With kids, this is hard, but expose them to as much as you feel comfortable and I think you’ll find a good group of sidekicks. With your boyfriend, ask him if he’s comfortable monitoring your behavior. If he is, he can alert you to mood episodes before you even know you’re in one. That can certainly help you conquer the extremes of your disease.

One other thing you can do is to look for a support group or website (*shameless self promotion alert* such as our facebook page.) where you can discuss these things in real-time and bounce ideas of other people in your same situation. Check with your doctor for suggestions of even look in the yellow pages under ‘mental health’.

Good luck and thank you for the question. It made me think because I ask myself the same one all the time.

One thought on “Will I ever get it under control???

  1. Jonathan.

    I have been struggling with bipolar since 1997. Only recently have I been able to control my episodes. It takes a while to do it, but it can be done. Good luck with your quest. Remember to stay on your medication, attend your therapy sessions and have the desire to get better. It can be done.

    Good luck.


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