The Most Wonderful Time of the Year???

Well, at least that is what the christmas carol says it is.   In my experience, holidays tend to be not so fantastic times.  If you search the blogosphere , you will find endless amounts of articles about surviving the holidays, getting along with friends and family, how to manage your illness, how to stay fit with all the parties, how to stay sober and the list goes on.   These lists are all written by people who are either specialized in that field or by bloggers giving you their advice on what works for them.  However, with so many suggestions and advice, how do you determine which is going to work for you? Its not exactly like you can reenact each possible scenario and try each different set of advice.  You only have time to pick one and hope it works out for the best and you don’t end up a big manic speed demon or an Ebeneezer Scrooge.

This year is going to be so totally different for me.  A completely different scenario than the past 8 years.  How will I handle it?  I really couldn’t tell you.  Right now its hitting me a little because I don’t have any little ones to buy Christmas presents for and I don’t have the fireplace or the view from my house with the snow covered sidewalk and the 7 ft Christmas tree all decked out just as I decorated it to be.  However, each year, its never a bad thing to start new traditions too.  With those new traditions though, you must make sure that you take care of yourself.  At the end of the season and end of each day, its YOU that has to endure another day, so hopefully you have found ways to get through the holidays and keep your sanity.

Speaking of, since I  could probably use a few new coping mechanisms (since the current ones don’t seem to be working so well) what do YOU guys do to cope?

And new traditions are always exciting.  What types of holiday traditions do you all have?


3 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year???

  1. My new Christmas tradition should be to eat chinese food at home and watch movies and sleep. not in the mood to see family,and get asked a thousand questions and laugh at dumb

  2. This year I took on a different approach. Instead of spending it with family I decided to spend it with friends who have become my family. What a huge difference it made. I had a wonderful time and wasn’t stressed. I think I will start alternating between family and friends in the coming years.

  3. I’d just got over my depressive mood due to the holidays. I’m trying hard because I am disabled with only a feeding tube to eat. Being a divorcee visiting my to kids ease the mood swing. Everyday is a challenging

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