First is the Worst … Second is the Best? … Wishing AaB a Happy Birthday!!!! (Is that a Contest I see?)

There’s something about first birthday’s that always beg more attention than the second. Like turning two isn’t as important or something. Apparently my subconscious almost fell for that trick! But then I looked at the date and saw those numbers and was like, *GASP*!!! TWO YEARS!?!??!?! That’s like 24 months? 730 Days! PLUS one extra for Leap Year! That’s 104 weeks of completely and randomly interrupted posts! (No need to falsify the facts or anything) I mean that’s a LOT of time.

Still, it went by so dang fast. How does that happen? I mean do you remember this puppy two years ago?

To me it’s amazing to see how much the site has progressed and grown since the day I wrote our first post. Which apparently dates or anniversary/birthday to the 15th of July in all technicality. But for me, somehow it didn’t really get real until two days later when the questions started rolling in and the comments and I was like, “OMG, this might actually be something here!”

I know this past year has been a bit off for me. My life has taken on many changes, more than I would have ever imagined, and that’s quite gotten in the way of my dedication and time spent working on AaB. HOWEVER, that does NOT mean it has gotten in the way of how important this site is to me. You may not know this, or perhaps you do, but Ask a Bipolar is a Part of me. Somehow this website has woven it’s way into my identity. Who am I? I am the Founder of Ask a Bipolar. I’m not sure how a website can become part of a person, but believe me, it happens!

And it’s not just the website really … it’s you guys. My authors, our followers, our groups, our daily conversations, all of you … you guys are like my family. Heck, you guys probably check in on me more than my family at times! LOL You are my friends, my companions, my support system … more than likely part of the reason why I’m still breathing!

So yeah, today may be our birthday or our anniversary or whatever, but to me its so much more than that. To me, it a reminder of why I’m here on this earth. So thank you guys. ALL OF YOU! Whether you’re a regular reader, first time visitor, a member of my family or one of my friends. YOU bring purpose and meaning to my life … and for that I am eternally grateful!

So let’s raise our glasses to AaB.


May this next year be even more awesome, more purposeful, more ridiculous and more meaningful than we could have ever imagined!!!




What’s that?

I forgot to talk about the contest?




Well, what would a birthday/anniversary/day of awesomeness celebration be without a contest to go along with it?


Alright so here it goes …

This year we will be giving away a **SIGNED** copy of our Best of AaB Book!!!!

The book will be shipped to you AND accompanied by a wee bit of random AaB swag … the details of  which will be announced with the name of the winner on July 31st, 2012.


Here’s how to participate:

For every point you earn, your name will be entered into a drawing. The drawing will end on Midnight July 30th, 2012 and the winner will be drawn and announced the following morning as stated above.

How can you earn points? Well, it’s simple. Points will be awarded as follows …

+2 for being a follower (put in the month and year you started reading AaB and add on 1 extra point for each month you’ve been awesome with us!)
+3 for leaving a comment about why YOU love AaB
+3 if you write a post about us on your own blog (please leave the link)
+1 if you post this and mention us on Facebook
+1 if you link us and this post in a tweet (tweet me @askabipolar)
+1 for telling us how you heard about AaB

After you’ve decided there’s no possible way you can earn any more points, add them up and leave the total in the comments section. Every point earns your name being entered into the drawing  one time. So if you’ve followed us since day one (24 months) and told us why you love us and wrote a blog about us and posted and mentioned on facebook and linked to us and mentioned us on twitter and told us how you heard of us and  and and …. okay well that’s all you can do but! at that point you’d earn 35 points and have 35 entries in the contest and that’s a pretty damn good set of odds in your favor! Just sayin … So get to work kids!

2 thoughts on “First is the Worst … Second is the Best? … Wishing AaB a Happy Birthday!!!! (Is that a Contest I see?)

  1. Hmm… Well, I don’t remember when I started following AaB, though I know it was back in the begining sometime, and I don’t remember how I heard about it either. So I guess I will just say that I LOVE AaB because of all the awesomesauce people, especially the fantastical founder and her cohort!!! 🙂

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